Pain Relief Tape – Kinesiology Tape

We all know that pain relief tape is Kinesiology Tape, a kind of tape for muscle pain without any drug addiction. It is similar to Sports Tape and Cohesive Bandage, which helps keep the injured part in place, but it is different. So, let’s continue to discuss this topic.

About pain relief tape

Pain relief tape is a thin, elastic physical therapy tape made of cotton (rayon) + spandex + glue (Henkel glue/acrylic glue) + backing paper. The usual tape for muscle pain is a 5cm roll, suitable for most people’s needs (different sizes are also available). The pain strip packaging adopts a paper color box, which can also be Customized Kinesiology Tape.

How Does Pain Relief Tape Work

However, we also see that the shapes and sticking methods of pain relief tapes on other people differ for various sports occasions. Why is this?

The reason is that athletes participate in sports such as running, high jump, football, basketball, tennis, and even daily exercise. Naturally, the affected parts will be different. Hence, the shape and sticking method of the tape for muscle pain need to be changed to adapt to the treatment and relief of the parts. If you are interested in this, you can visit our Kinesiology Tape Strips, which will explain its shape and usage, and you can also contact us to purchase it.

How does pain relief tape work?


Pain relief tape can reduce pain levels

Proper use of pain relief tape can stimulate proprioceptors and other sensory receptors in the skin (stimulating skin receptors and restoring spatial awareness around joints (called “proprioception”). This stimulation increases the amount of “incoming” information transmitted through peripheral nerves, spinal cord, and brain), interferes with the brain’s ability to process pain, and thus reduces the user’s pain level.

Reduce pressure on areas of swelling and inflammation

When these pain strips are applied to the skin, it has a “lifting” effect on the tissue under the skin and all its interconnected layers. It relieves pressure on free nerve endings, which relieves pain, and this pressure relief also promotes blood circulation in the taped area, which helps reduce swelling in that area and improves athletic performance.

Pain Relief Tape

Restores muscle tone and delays fatigue

When an athlete or patient is injured, or a muscle becomes inflamed or fatigued, it stops working correctly and becomes more susceptible to further injury. Physical therapy tape can change muscle activity and contraction time; this helps your body improve muscle strength and contraction patterns to prevent injury and allow the body to heal as quickly as possible.

Where the body to use pain relief tape?

Knee, shoulders, ankle, back, foot, leg, hand, and more.

Widespread symptoms treated: knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain, joint pain, tendonitis, foot pain, sprain, neck pain, strain, and more.

Brands and where to buy?

Wemade Pain Relief Tape

There are dozens of different types and brands of kinesiology tape on the market, such as Kinesio Tape, KT Tape, or Wemade Tape.

Kinesiology tape is available at retail, drug, and sporting goods stores. It can also be purchased online. Prices vary by brand and place of purchase, but buying your finished product from a professional manufacturer will be much lower because the tape is produced in the factory and shipped directly to you without secondary sales; you should be very assured of the price and product quality.

Our WEMADE Factory has been mainly engaged in pain relief tape for decades. We will give you detailed instructions on various services, qualifications, and factory production processes. If interested, you can contact us directly to help you find cheap and affordable physical therapy tape.

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