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kinesiology tape pregnancy

Kinesiology tape pregnancy is a flexible tape that is applied directly to the skin. Can be used during pregnancy to help support and relieve discomfort in the lower back, hips and abdomen. Another name for kinesiology tape pregnancy is belly tape for pregnancy or pregnancy tape. It can greatly relieve the mother’s various discomforts during pregnancy, and can also speed up the recovery of postpartum body.

During pregnancy, the body undergoes significant changes, which can lead to increased stress and tension in the muscles of the lower back, hips, and abdomen. kinesiology tape pregnancy can help relieve some discomfort by providing support and improving circulation to these areas.

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Features of kinesiology tape pregnancy

Breathable Cotton Material

Selected high-quality 95% cotton, drug-free, skin-friendly, breathable and good perspiration. The fabric is thick and strong, and it is not easy to deform after long-term use.

Elastic Spandex Material

Add 5% high-elastic spandex yarn to simulate skin elasticity, sticking to the skin without tightness. Strong elasticity, the length can be stretched up to 180%.

Wavy Hypoallergenic Acrylic Adhesive

Use medical-grade hypoallergenic acrylic glue to reduce the risk of allergies or discomfort, ensure adhesion to the skin, and have a water-resistant, sweat-wicking treatment that won’t come off easily even if you sweat or swim.

Grid Paper Design,Easy To Use

Pregnancy tape comes in uncut rolls, so you can cut it into any shape and size you need. We have designed precise grid lines on the self-adhesive paper, and the length and width of each grid are 1cm, which is convenient for you to cut precisely.

belly tape for pregnancy

Why Use Pregnancy tape?

pregnancy tape for belly

Support The Belly
With clever use of tape, you can reduce the pressure on your stomach and back by sharing the weight from your belly. The use of Pregnancy tape can distribute the pressure brought by the heavy stomach to other parts of the body, greatly relieving the discomfort during pregnancy.

tape for pregnant belly

Relieve Pelvic Pain
Pelvic pain is caused by a growing baby burrowing deeper into the pelvis as it prepares for labor. Pregnancy tape helps to lift the belly during pregnancy and reduce the baby’s weight on the pelvis. Pregnancy tape is very effective in relieving symptoms of pubic pain and sciatica, and its application helps to redistribute the pressure of a big belly.

belly tape pregnancy

Relieve Low Back Pain
Lower back pain is a very common phenomenon in the late pregnancy, which is caused by the pressure of the fetus and the falling of the stomach. For those struggling with lower back pain, the application of Pregnancy tape can provide some level of relief through gentle muscle support.

China kinesiology tape for pregnancy

Helps Restore The Rectus Abdominis
Separation of the rectus abdominis is a problem that every mother must face after giving birth. Pregnancy tape is used as a rehabilitation tool to provide compression and support for the rectus abdominis during postpartum remodeling to help the recovery of rectus abdominis split symptoms.

Kinesiology Tape Pregnancy VS Pregnancy Belly Band

kinesiology tape pregnancy
kinesiology tape pregnancy

Greater Flexibility Without Compromising Activity
Pregnancy tape provides greater flexibility and comfort without restricting movement or activity. The tape can stretch and move with the body, allowing expectant mothers to maintain their active lifestyles throughout pregnancy.

Thinner, More Breathable, More Comfortable
The thin, lightweight, and breathable fabric of pregnancy tape conforms to the contours of the body, supporting pregnant women’s growing bellies without the bulk and discomfort of traditional maternity belts.

Wider Range Of Uses
Beyond just belly support, kinesiology tape pregnancy can also be applied to the lower back, hips, thighs and other areas to alleviate pregnancy aches and pains. Overall, pregnancy tape offers pregnant women a highly flexible and customizable way to remain active and comfortable.

More Hidden, Not Easy To Find
Its barely-there feel and discreet look under clothing gives pregnant women the abdominal support they need without limiting their range of motion or attracting unwanted attention.

How to use kinesiology tape pregnancy?

Different sticking methods have different functions. The following briefly introduces several sticking methods for reference only.

tape for pregnant belly suppliers

1.Supports the abdomen, lifts and stabilizes the belly
Left picture 1,2,4, 5,9 five taping methods can improve the overall support of the abdomen, back and abdomen, and relieve discomfort at the same time.

2.Rectus abdominus support to relieve symptoms of rectus belly split
Figure 6 on the left can effectively control the degree of splitting of the rectus abdominis, and the milder symptoms of splitting of the rectus belly can make it easier for you to recover after giving birth

3.Relief of low back or sacroiliac symptoms
Left Figure 7 uses a single “I” shaped bar under the abdomen to provide lift and support to reduce abdominal weight and relieve low back or sacroiliac symptoms.

4.Lifts belly, reduces weight, relieves hip discomfort
Figure 3 on the left can lift the abdomen to help reduce weight (thus helping to reduce low back discomfort or sacroiliac joint pain), and it will help reduce the feeling of “bulging” in the abdomen.

5.Lower back pain relief
Picture 8 on the left is mainly for low back pain. In general, this sticking method will be used together with belly sticking.

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Is kinesiology tape safe during pregnancy?

Yes, athletic tape is generally considered safe to use during pregnancy if used correctly. It is made of cotton cloth, and does not add any medicines, and has no side effects on fetuses and pregnant women.

How long can you leave kinesiology tape pregnancy on while pregnant?

Kinesiology tape or KT tape is usually safe to leave on the skin for 3-5 days during pregnancy. The amount of sweat and body position can also affect wear time.

Can you sleep with kinesiology tape pregnancy on?

Yes, it is generally safe to sleep with kinesiology tape (KT tape) on your skin. Try to choose a breathable cotton tape that wicks sweat away from the skin at night. Wear a soft cotton pajamas before bed to prevent sticking to the sheets.


When should I start taping my pregnancy tape?

There is no single definitive time to start using exercise tape on your belly during pregnancy, start when you start to experience some symptoms of pregnancy pain, and it can be used anywhere on your body.

When should you not use kinesiology tape pregnancy?

Covering open or unhealed wounds – Tape may irritate the wound and hinder healing.

On areas of broken skin – the adhesive may further aggravate open blisters, cuts, etc.

If you are allergic to medical tape – people who are sensitive to latex or other tapes/adhesives may have a reaction.

Poor circulation – Tape compression may restrict blood flow in people with vascular disease.

During fever or infection – use tape only after symptoms of illness have disappeared.

For swollen extremities – Taping may increase fluid accumulation in edematous extremities.

No provider guidance – consult your physician first if you have any medical condition.

It’s also important to remove the tape if you develop itchy skin, excessive redness, or a rash that could indicate an allergy or irritation. If symptoms seem to get worse rather than relieved, stop using the tape.


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