How to use wrist kinesiology tape for tendonitis

Wrist kinesiology tape is a relatively good treatment for tendonitis. It is caused by excessive use of muscle fibers and repeated strong stretching, which is the result of the interaction of endogenous and exogenous factors. Endogenous factors include body-related factors such as poor alignment, poor muscle strength, etc.

Exogenous factors include training errors, poor equipment and technique, changes in venues, etc. The interaction of extrinsic factors may also lead to the development of tendinopathy. Extrinsic factors include training errors such as distance, intensity, slope movement, technique and fatigue, training venue, etc. These factors play an important role in acute injury. Therefore, we must pay attention to it. It is very effective to use wrist kinesiology tape to relieve pain and help with the treatment.

what is a wrist kinesiology tape?

The wrist kinesiology tape imitates the skin of the human body. The special adhesive composition and coating method allows the patch to adhere to the skin while maintaining breathability. The patch has elasticity and retractability. When the patch is applied to the skin, the retraction of the patch will cause the skin to wrinkle. These folds can reduce the pressure on the sensory receptors in the skin, regulate pain, increase the subcutaneous space, and promote the microcirculation of subcutaneous microvessels and interstitial fluid.It also increases comfort while using without damaging the skin.

The wrist kinesiology tape pulls up the skin and expands the subcutaneous space. Through the generation of wrinkles, a gap is created between the skin and subcutaneous tissue, so that the blood and lymphatic circulation of the corresponding tissue is smoother, the exudate from the injured part is easily absorbed, the fluid retention between the tissues is reduced, the local pressure is reduced, and the damaged tissue is easy Reconstruction, so as to relieve pain and discomfort symptoms and accelerate injury recovery.

wrist kinesiology tape
wrist kinesiology tape

what is the purpose of wrist kinesiology tape

wrist kinesiology tape is a relatively good treatment for muscle fatigue and body pain. The light and breathable patch is pasted on the skin, which can stimulate the human body, thereby affecting and regulating physiological functions. wrist kinesiology tape can act on six major physiological systems: skin (epidermis, dermis), nerves, fascia, muscles, joints and circulation, and lymph.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, rich in various sensory receptors and capillaries, and acts as a barrier between the human body and the outside world. The human body also uses the skin to sense changes in the outside world. The human body is covered with sensory receptors under the skin. The sensory nerves transmit signals to the brain area. After being interpreted by the brain, the motor nerves send out signals to make the body respond. So it is very effective.

how to put kinesiology tape on wrist

Prepare two wrist straps, adjust the length according to the size of your wrist.

First, stick a strip on the side of the wrist connected to the thumb, and then wrap it around the wrist.

who sells wrist kinesiology tape?

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wrist kinesiology tape
wrist kinesiology tape

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