Should I tape kinesiology tape for thumb if it hurts?

You can tape kinesiology tape for thumb when it hurts. Thumb pain often occurs in the following two situations. This article will provide in-depth information on what causes thumb pain and how to use tape to help treat and relieve symptoms associated with thumb pain.

1. Carpal tunnel syndrome: Carpal tunnel syndrome is a series of symptoms and signs caused by median nerve compression as it passes through the wrist carpal tunnel. The symptoms are numbness and tingling on the thumb side of the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and ring finger, which usually worsens at night. Repetitive and forceful grasping with the hands or repetitive wrist bending may also contribute. If you do not want surgical intervention, use a wrist support or tape for thumb injury to relieve pain.

2. Overuse: Injuries are common among people who perform repetitive movements, such as goalkeepers, bowlers, typing, or playing games. Using kinesiology tape for thumb and resting in time can relieve pressure on the affected area and ease inflammation and pain. If the condition worsens, see a doctor immediately.

In the above situations, we can apply kinesiology tape for thumb to relieve discomfort.

kinesiology tape for thumb

What is the purpose of kinesiology tape for thumb?

1. Relieve pain when the thumb is bent. Kinesiology tape for thumb is equivalent to painkillers. Tape for thumb injury can produce mechanical stimulation on the skin surface, stimulate the skin surface and its receptors, excite or inhibit the central nervous system, and achieve an analgesic effect.

2. Help thumb fixed. Tape for thumb injury supports and stabilizes the thumb. We also have another type of tape called zinc oxide tape that is without elasticity. It’s great for joint support and reducing tissue stress.

3. Prevent blisters: Tape for thumb sprain protects the skin and increases friction. Reduce blisters caused by skin friction.

Will kinesiology tape for thumb help a sprained thumb?

Kinesiology tape for thumb will help a sprained thumb. Mild sprains usually heal within four to six weeks. More serious thumb sprains, such as a grade 3 sprain, may take several months to heal. Using tape for thumb sprain will provide stability, allow it to speed up healing, and prevent further injury. So, it is essential to use tape for thumb sprain to protect sprained fingers; if a thumb sprain is left untreated, it may worsen.

tape for thumb sprain

Can you tape kinesiology tape for thumb for tendonitis?

The strain of the thumb tendon usually causes tendonitis. The pain in the thumb joint may spread to the forearm. When you want to move your thumb, the pain will follow. Tape for tendonitis can relieve swelling and reduce irritation, but the correct method of using kinesiology tape for thumb is also required. Improper use of tape for tendonitis may cause injury. First, we need three pieces of tendon sheath tape cut longitudinally into three I-type patches. You can refer to our video below.

The video shows that this thumb sports functional tape can significantly improve the symptoms of thumb tendonitis affecting thumb movement.

Can I tape kinesiology tape for thumb for my trigger thumb?

You can tape your trigger finger. A trigger finger happens when the tendons in your affected fingers or thumb become irritated and swollen (inflamed). A trigger finger can cause your finger to get stuck in a bent position and not straighten, or it may suddenly straighten with a snap. This condition most often occurs in the ring finger and thumb. (It can also happen on any finger.) Trigger finger tape can relieve the inability to bend the thumb in mild cases.

Trigger finger tape

Is it ok to wear kinesiology tape for thumb all day?

We can wear kinesiology tape for thumb for 3-5 days. However, the thumb joint needs to be frequently active, and wearing it for a long time may cause the finger to feel tight and uncomfortable. To ensure the best adhesiveness and therapeutic effect of the tape, we recommend changing the tape for thumb injury every day and letting the finger rest for some time before wearing the tape for thumb injury again.

In summary, tape for thumb injury effectively relieves thumb pain and provides stability and support.

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