Pre-cut Kinesiology Tape Strips

Kinesiology tape strip usually refers to I-shaped tape. It is a 25cm*5cm pre-cut strip cut from a kinesiology tape roll. All corners have also been rounded and can be used directly without cutting. I-shaped kinesiology tape strip is also the most popular pre cut kinesiology tape.

As a kinesiology tape strips manufacturer, we can customize pre cut kinesiology tape in various shapes. In addition to I-shaped kinesiology tape strips, we can also provide production of Y-shaped, X-shaped, claw-shaped, and various special-shaped tapes. Different shapes have different application.

Because pre cut kinesiology tape can be used directly out of the bag without carrying scissors, they are very popular with athletes and various sports enthusiasts.

Available Sizes

5cm*25cm(10 strips)

5cm*25cm(20 strips)

5cm*25cm(40 strips)

5cm*25cm(60 strips)

We are a manufacturer from China. We can provide any ODM and OEM services you need. We have a professional design team. If you need customized products, you can contact us directly, or you can click custom kinesiology tape or wemade service for details.

Features Of Pre-cut Kinesiology Tape Strips

Thin and Comfortable Design
Pre-cut kinesiology tape strips conforms to the texture of human body muscles and is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It is comfortable and skin-friendly, making it safer to use.

Retraction Characteristics
Pre-cut kinesiology tape strips has retractive properties and conforms to the principle of muscle movement. It can assist muscles to stretch and contract, stretchable to 180%,provide support for activities and help muscles relax.

Pre-cut kinesiology tape strips can stretch and stretch with the movements of muscles and joints without affecting the movement of the taped area.

Intermittent Water Ripple Adhesive Design
The water ripple-shaped glue design greatly reduces the contact area and reduces irritation to sensitive skin.

Waterproof and Breathable Material
Suitable for various sports environments, even bathing and swimming are not affected.

kinesiology tape detail

Different Shape Of Kinesiology Tape Strips

As a senior kinesiology tape strips manufacturer, we can design and produce pre-cut kinesiology tape of various shapes according to customer requirements, including common shapes and various special shapes.The following are common shapes, please contact us now if you need other shapes.

"I" Strips Kinesiology Tape

I Strip Kinesiology Tape

Easy To Use
Compared with kinesiology tape uncut roll, kinesiology tape strips is very convenient to use and can be used immediately after opening the bag.

Best Selling
Among all pre-cut tapes, “I” strips are the best-selling one, and 80% of customers who buy Pre-cut kinesiology tape choose I strip kinesiology tape.

“I” strips kinesiology tape allows you to freely cut the Pre-cut kinesiology tape into Y strips, H strips, claw shapes and other shapes for auxiliary use.

"Y" Kinesiology Tape Strips

Looks Like Letter Y
The “Y” strips has one end intact and the other end cut along the center line to look like the letter Y.

Better Results When Used In Combination
“Y” strips can be used alone or in combination with one or more “I” shaped strip for better results.

More Suitable For Joints
The “Y” strips is more suitable for joints, such as shoulders, elbows, knees, etc. Its two ‘tails’ can evenly distribute tension and make the stress surface more uniform.

pre cut shoulder tape

"X" Kinesiology Tape Strips

Looks Like Letter X
“X” strips have cutouts on both ends that look like the letter X when unfolded. Cut both ends of I strips along the center line, leaving about 5cm in the middle uncut, and you get “X” strip tape.

Suitable For Covering Large Areas
“X” strips: This type is used when kinesiology tape is required to cover a large area or span multiple joints. The “X” strip spans sensitive areas such as the front of the knee, behind the elbow, or behind the ankle.

More Uniform Force
The four ‘tails’ of “X” strips stretch in four directions, it gives you a more even stretching force. When you are exercising, it is like a massaging hand, constantly stimulating your acupuncture points, so that you do not feel tired.

Edema Strips

Claw Structure
Claw Structure Pre-cut kinesiology tape can also be called Edema Strips. If you cut I-shaped Pre-cut kinesiology tape into many ‘tails’, you can also get an Edema Strips. Each pre-cut strip has a 2-inch solid anchor end and many ‘tails’ that can be applied to any swollen area.

Reduce Swelling And Bruising
Edema Strips are a safe, comfortable way to reduce swelling and bruising. Latex and drug-free, it provides safe, gentle relief from swelling caused by surgery, medical conditions or injuries, including foot and ankle swelling, sprains, lymphedema and ankle edema associated with pregnancy or congestive heart failure.

Fan Smear
Edema Strips are also called fan strips because they are applied to swollen or bruised areas in a fan-shaped pattern.

Packaging Of Pre-cut kinesiology tape

Plastic Bag Packaging

This is the most economical packaging method, with low packaging costs and conducive to better control of profits. Usually 6, 10, and 20 pieces Pre-cut kinesiology tape strips are packed in this way.

20 strips pre cut kinesiology tape

Color Box Packaging

Brand customers usually use color box packaging, and customized color boxes will make their products look more high-end. This small color box usually fits 10 or 20 pieces of kinesiology tape strips.

Big Color Box Packaging

Big colorful box are more suitable for larger quantities of Pre-cut kinesiology tape strips, such as 40, 60 or even 100 strips. Big colorful box packaging is also a way to save packaging costs.

How To Use?


Is kinesiology tape the same as compression tape?

Different, the function of compression tape is to stop blood flow, and the function of kinesiology tape is to accelerate blood flow. However, if kinesiology tape strips are simply wrapped, it can also be used as compression tape because it also has great elasticity.

What is precut kinesiology tape?

Tape cut into certain shapes and sizes.


How long is the KT Tape pre cut?

Generally, they are 25cm (10inch), and can also be customized according to different sizes and shapes.

How do you use Kinesio Tape precut?

Different parts have different usage methods. Please refer to our Blog page for details.

Does KT Tape come pre cut?

Tapes cut according to certain shapes and sizes can be called pre cut kinesiology tape strips. KT Tape usually refers to roll tape.

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