How to use kinesiology tape for lower back pain?

kinesiology tape for lower back is a type of kinesiology tape that is mainly used to relieve muscle pain.

Muscle is the main source of body strength. The muscles of the lower back are the core of body strength. Whether you are standing, sitting, or lying down, you need waist support. Therefore, lower back pain is also one of the most common pains. It may be caused by holding one position for a long time, or it may be caused by excessive exercise. Fortunately, kinesiology tape for lower back can provide some relief for lower back pain. The muscles of the lower back work through it to prevent or relieve lower back your pain.

Kinesiology tape for lower back pain
How to use kinesiology tape for lower back pain?

How to use kinesiology tape for lower back?

First of all, keep the lower back clean and dry, and remove the hair if it has hair. 

Measure the width of the lower back and prepare 1 back tapes.

Note that the kinesiology tape for lower back should be rounded to prevent warping.

Stick it on the middle of the lower back and stretch it horizontally.

Being careful not to touch the glue with your hands.

Then, measure the distance of the lower back and prepare 2 back tape.

Fix a corner and stretch it from bottom to top with 50% strength.

Repeat on the other side, Pay attention to more friction to make it more docile.

Where do you put kinesiology tape for lower back pain?

Those suffering from lower back pain often describe soreness, tingling, muscle spasms, restricted movement and stiffness between the pelvis and ribs, etc. One of these is sciatic nerve pain, which is also a type of lower back pain. Sciatic nerve pain usually radiates to the lower back pain in the buttocks, legs and feet. They are all closely linked. So we also focus on these areas when applying back tape, especially between the back and the buttocks.

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Where do you put sports tape for lower back pain 1

Does kinesiology tape work for lower back pain?

The muscle patch applied to the lower back has a certain amount of elasticity. The principle of its action is to control the muscles by using its own extension force without restricting the movement of the joints. When used correctly, the back tape supports the joints and promotes blood circulation. Or provide feedback to our body to prevent re-injury.

Some people with lower back pain change the position of the body to relieve the pain, such as changing body positions and using external objects to provide support. We have to check to confirm the main cause of the lower back pain. Then there is no need to use kinesiology tape for lower back.

Studies have shown that the use of back tape has a short-lived effect on pain relief. The exact effect depends on the method of application and the cause of the pain. Although there is no risk in using the tape on your own, we recommend listening to a professional physiotherapist in order to maximize the results.

Finally, anyone with chronic pain, worsening discomfort, allergic reactions, or skin conditions should always seek medical attention.

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Does sports tape work for lower back pain 1

What stores sell kinesiology tape for lower back?

Usually supermarkets, gyms, yoga studios, private hospitals, and online stores sell kinesiology tape for lower back. They vary in price and quality. Because some of them are manufacturers, some are brand owners, some are agents and so on. It is conceivable that the most competitive are the manufacturers of kinesiology tapes, because they are cheap and available in quality. Because these factories have production experience, market positioning experience, and export sales experience. Of course, their biggest advantage can be building your personal brand. They have quite a lot of experience.

CHOOSING kinesiology tape for lower back

The best brands of kinesiology tape generally last the longest and are waterproof to stay stuck even after showering.


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