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Wemade Boob Tape

WHAT IS Wemade Boob Tape?

Wemade boob tape is high quality cotton fabric tape, breathable and high elastic.
It is an uncut roll, so you can accurately cut to any size and shape you want with scissors. Suitable for any breast size.

Its wavelike adhesive can reduce the risk of allergy or discomfort, ensure the adhesion to the skin, and waterproof, perspiration treatment, even it sweating or swimming is not easy to fall off.

Wemade Boob Tape Features

Holds firm in any position without adjusting

Waterproof and sweatproof and anti-shedding

Durable: 95% cotton and 5% spandex

works for all bust sizes

invisible comfort

170% stretch

Long Lasting (2 days)

strong hold &adhesion

Extra sticky


Sensitive Skin

Why our
body tape?


Sexy gather

Lifts for perfect cleavage


Invisible & Comfortable

Stays hidden under clothes, Fits all breast sizes comfortably


Chest lift

Effectively lifts the breasts and creates a perfect breast shape.


Breathable & Sweat Proof

Our body tape won’t fall off or come loose from sweating or movement! Our lift tape is breathable and allows for comfort the entire time!


Strong Hold & Adhesion

Our body tape provides a strong, waterproof hold that will last you all night! Our breast lift tape is dance-proof, no worries about it coming loose while out on the dance floor! Escape uncomfortable straps and let your body be free while holding clothing and breasts in place!


Invisible & Strapless

Our body tape won’t fall off or come loose from sweating or movement! Our lift tape is breathable and allows for comfort the entire time! Our breast lift tape provides a natural looking body and shape and is so discreet it can be worn with ANY strapless or backless dress!


Stay in Place

With our body tape, achieve outstanding breast lift with a natural & seamless look! Pull off any outfit without worries! Our lift tape works wonders while wearing blouses, spaghetti straps, backless or even a wedding gown!


Multi Use

Our body tape can be used in a variety of other ways! Apply to heels or shoes to prevent uncomfortable rubbing! Apply it to any part of the body to achieve lift and tightening! Wear it with ANY type of clothing & have no worries about anything showing! It’s like nothing is there!

More than a boob tape manufacturer

Wuxi Wemade healthcare Products Co., Ltd , is a leading boob tape manufacturer and exporter which is specialized in producing different kinds of medical bandage, sports tape and kinesiology tape for over 10 years, offering OEM ODM service to our clients. We have domestic leading production equipment and complete quality inspection department In order to ensure quality and delivery time.

Founded in 2011, based on active development, Wemade has become a key boob tape manufacturer and exporter of in China. Complying with FDA, CE requirements, MDS actively carried out and introduced international management standards, built up an efficient quality assurance system ISO13485,ISO9001. Wemade has successfully entered international markets, mainly USA, Japan, Europe, Africa and Middle East and so on. Meanwhile, the domestic market is also quite fruitful.

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Our Development

In retrospect, within the past years, Wemade has gained rich export experience, we also have a professional project team to follow up and take charge of customer satisfaction. From small office company develop to 20,000 square meters’ workshop, we get over 10 superior assembly lines and over 200 staff, which we produce about 50,000,000 rolls of bandages each year. We closely follow the market trend, comply with the market changes, and constantly launch new products in line with the market requirements. We are an innovative enterprise.

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Does this irritate people skin?

Hi, thanks for asking! No, this does not irritate the skins at all, it is made to be skin friendly while still providing an excellent hold.

Does the skin need to prepare anything before use?

We recommend not applying moisturizers, oils or any products you use on your skin before applying the patch for best results!

Are boob tape mild and hypoallergenic?

Yes, it is mild and hypoallergenic, the ingredients are cotton and spandex, and the glue is acrylic glue.

What is the difference between the boob tape and other chest supporters?

The main feature is that the length can be adjusted according to the clothes and your own individual needs, the functions are more diverse, the effect of gathering and supporting is obvious, and it has sufficient strength and long-lasting maintenance effect.

Can small breasts be used?

Yes, small breasts can also be used, it can be used for Sexy gather and lifts for perfect cleavage.

Which of the three widths should I choose?

You can choose according to your breast size! Those with larger chests are recommended to select 7.5CM and 10CM wide, and those with moderate chests select 5CM wide.

Does it hurt when you tear it when not in use?

It is recommended not to pull the skin violently. You can use a warm water towel to assist first, and then slowly tear it off, similar to a plaster sticker.

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