What is a kinesiology tape for foot pain?

Kinesiology tape for foot pain is a physical therapy tape, a muscle tape made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex and acrylic adhesive; its material characteristics make it breathable and elastic. Kinesiology tape for foot pain helps muscles move to improve athletic performance. Runners often use it, also called foot tape for runners, which can help them improve their athletic performance in the competition. This article will let you know more about kinesiology tape for foot pain.

Kinesiology tape for foot pain

Can kinesiology tape help foot pain?

If appropriately used, kinesiology tape for foot pain can relieve pain to a certain extent.

There are many reasons for foot pain. Here are some of the most common reasons:

1. Excessive exercise: Walking too much and exercising too much in a short period causes apparent soreness and swelling in the joints, which may also lead to acute foot injuries and sole pain.

2. Hallux valgus: Excessive stretching of the medial tissue of the thumb joint, long-term uneven force, and limited movement lead to deformation or inflammation, causing pain.

3. Achilles tendonitis: Long-term repeated stretching and mechanical friction of the Achilles tendon lead to weakened elasticity of the Achilles tendon, resulting in calcification and obvious pain.

4. Sprain: Loose ligaments, decreased ankle joint stability, or insufficient warm-up before exercise can cause sprains. 

If you have the above symptoms, you can use foot pain tape to relieve them.

foot pain tape

Why can foot pain tape relieve foot pain?

Kinesiology tape for foot pain can provide additional support and stability to the affected muscle area. When used correctly, strapping for foot pain can create space between the skin and underlying tissues, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and inflammation, prevent sprains, and support joints and muscles. Therefore, we can use foot pain tape to relieve them.

How to use foot pain tape to relieve ankle pain?

Through understanding, we know that some trauma, poor blood circulation, ill-fitting shoes, or running on uneven surfaces can cause foot pain. If appropriately used, strapping for foot pain can provide stability and support, helping to relieve pressure.

Therefore, before using kinesiology tape for foot pain, please clean and dry the skin around the painful area to ensure the best adhesion. Considering everyone’s skin allergies, we recommend applying tape to a hidden area before using it to test whether your skin is allergic to the glue. If redness or swelling occurs, please stop using it. Take ankle pain as an example.

As shown in the video, First, prepare four pieces of foot pain tape, fix an anchor point from the inside of the ankle, wrap it with 50-75% tension along the sole to the outside of the ankle, and pay attention to the painful area, and press and rub the foot pain tape to make it more docile. Next, use the sole as the anchor point stretches from the instep to the inside of the ankle with 50% tension. Then, still using the sole as the anchor point, stretch from the sole to the inside of the ankle. Finally, wrap and fix the strapping for foot pain in the same order.

This method of applying foot pain tape has a significant effect on preventing ankle sprains. After watching the video, I hope you will better understand how to use kinesiology tape for foot pain.

How long does it take kinesiology tape for foot pain to work?

The effectiveness of kinesiology tape for foot pain varies from person to person.

Some people may feel immediate relief from foot pain, such as runners, who can immediately feel the stretch of the foot pain tape, while others may need more time to see the effect.

How long can kinesiology tape for foot pain be worn?

The kinesiology tape for foot pain can be used for 3-4 days if appropriately used. Everyone’s situation is different, and the time to wear foot pain tape is also different. It may not stick well when you shower or come into contact with water; if stuck on a joint with an extensive range of motion, it may also affect the stickiness. Sensitive skin may cause skin allergies if worn for a long time. Therefore, you can choose the wearing time according to your situation.

In short, kinesiology tape for foot pain is helpful for people with foot pain. They can improve their symptoms by understanding their benefits and correct usage techniques.

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