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Kinesiology Tape

Patterned kinesiology tape

Patterned kinesiology tape is a flexible, elastic tape with a variety of patterns that is used to support muscles and joints during physical activity and to aid rehabilitation and recovery.Patterned kinesiology tape can also be called printed kinesiology tape. It is widely used in sports and medical fields. The Patterned kinesiology tape produced by wemade mainly includes two types, one is produced according to the pattern provided by the customer, such as some pattern with special meaning, or brand logo, etc. The other is our regular pattern, camo kinesiology tape.

Available Sizes






custom size

We are a manufacturer from China. We can provide any ODM and OEM services you need. We have a professional design team. If you need customized products, you can contact us directly, or you can click custom kinesiology tape or wemade service for details.

What is Patterned kinesiology tape?

Patterned kinesiology tapes

Patterned kinesiology tape are custom-made tapes printed with various patterns or designs. These patterns can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Typically, Patterned kinesiology tape are produced to specific customer requirements, allowing individuals or organizations to add their own logos, colors, or unique designs to the tape. This personalization makes them popular with sports teams, athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to promote their brand or create a unique look.

In addition to custom options, there are regular patterned kinesiology tapes on the market that have standardized patterns. An example is camo kinesiology tape, which has a camouflage pattern. This type of patterned kinesiology tape is often used for sports or military related activities and adds a fashion element while providing the same functional benefits as regular kinesiology tape.

In addition to custom options, there are regular Patterned kinesiology tapes on the market that have standardized patterns. An example is camouflage kinematic tape, which has a camouflage pattern. This type of patterned kinesiology tape is often used for sports or military related activities and adds a fashion element while providing the same functional benefits as regular kinesiology tape.

100% High-quality Cotton

Waterproof and breathable, does not irritate the skin. Highly stretchable, can be stretched to 170%-180% of the original tape for wider coverage.

Water Ripple Acrylic Glue 

Hypoallergenic, zinc and latex free and safe for all skin types. Good adhesion, lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and easy to use and wear.

Uncut and Pre-cut Available

Uncut tape does not limit the length and shape, the freedom of use is not restricted, suitable for beginners.Pre-cut tape pre-made length in advance, uniform 25cm long, without the need to use scissors, easy to carry and use.

Speed up Your Recovery

Reduces tissue stress and supports muscles and joints. Inhibit hypertonic muscles and correct fascia. Slightly lifts the skin, increases circulation and reduces swelling.


Regular Camo Kinesiology Tape

camouflage tape is wemade’s regular pattern kinesiology tape,it is very suitable for army or jungle activities, and different colors of muscle tape are suitable for different occasions. Of course, the camouflage tape is only different in color, and its purpose is the same. As long as you like it, anyone can use it on any part.

Custom Patterned Kinesiology Tape

Are you a company that wants to become bigger and stronger in the kinesiology tape industry, are you a rookie in the kinesiology tape brand? Having a tape that stands out can set you up for success faster. There is a shortcut to success, contact Wemade immediately, let us help you!

Custom Brand Kinesiology Tape

Custom Brand

Print logo is the most common kinesiology tape pattern, and many kinesiology tape brands will print their own brand LOGO on their tapes. This helps to enhance your brand value, and the brand logo will impress people who have used or seen it. Many teams or track and field teams will customize some patterned kinesiology tape with team logos, which makes them more recognizable.

Custom Pattern Kinesiology Tape

Custom Pattern

There are also some customers who choose some kinesiology tape patterns with special meanings. For example, some customers print special meanings on the tape, some customers print the national flag of their own country, and some customers print their favorite football team. There are also many customers who choose to print personalized patterns designed by themselves.

Custom Size Camo Kinesiology Tape

Custom Size

You can also request specific dimensions, such as length and width, for better use and closer to the scene. We have tapes up to 32m long and 17cm wide. Satisfy people with big needs and muscular people. We also have tapes in sizes as short as 3m and as narrow as 1cm. The narrow size is suitable for fine details such as the face. 3m long and more compact, easy to carry.

Custom Shape

Design and customize special shapes. The camouflage patterned kinesiology tape is perfect for outdoor sports. For example, there is antifreeze face strip, which can protect your cheeks from frostbite if you stick it on your face! Suitable for skiing, can be applied to the face, and windproof. You can also customize the shape you want or the applicable application scenarios.

How to Use Camo Patterned Kinesiology Tape?

Step1. Prepare camo precut strips.

Step2. Affixed to jump knee 2 times.

Step3. Fit along the edge of the kneecap.

Step4. End fixed on jump knee.

Step5. Repeat the previous step.

Step6. Rub tape many times.

Can support the knee and reduce pain.

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Does the colour of kinesiology tape matter?

There are no physical or chemical differences between the colours. It will not affect the effect of use, but is more of a visual influence to meet individual needs and preferences. For example, skin tones are more invisible and natural.

Does kinesiology tape really work?

Studies have shown that chronic muscle fatigue and some musculoskeletal disorders can be alleviated and improved with proper use of kinesiology tape.

What is the difference between the colors of kinesiology tape?

Generally there is no difference, the only difference is that the color is different. But if some colors are brighter to the naked eye, it may be synthetic kinesiology tape, which is another kind of tape.

What is so special about kinesiology tape?

It gently pulls up the skin, increasing the subcutaneous tissue space and promoting blood and lymphatic fluid flow. This improves circulation, supports the muscles, allows internal injuries to heal and helps prevent further muscle damage while still allowing freedom of movement.

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