Treating Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome with therapeutic tape for knee

Therapeutic tape for knee, also known as kinesiology tape, is made of cotton and spandex and is very comfortable and skin-friendly. Before using it, we should understand that patellofemoral pain syndrome, also known as anterior knee pain, causes pain and discomfort in the patella (kneecap) and surrounding structures.

It is more common in people who engage in running and jumping sports. Knee pain is exacerbated when running, walking up and down stairs, sitting, or squatting for long periods, so this blog will explain how to use therapeutic tape for knee to address the problem adequately.

Therapeutic tape for knee

How to use therapeutic tape for knee?

1. Prepare four strips of knee tape support as shown in the picture.

2. For better fit, it is recommended to cut the edges of the tape into rounded edges to prevent warping.

3. It is recommended to clean the area around the knee to keep it clean before fitting.

4. For a better fit, Please rub the tape for knee pain several times after fitting.

Why is knee taping effective?

Provides support and stability – Properly applied therapeutic tape for knee around the knee joint can help stabilize and support the joint during activity. This can reduce the risk of pain or injury, especially if weakness, injury, or arthritis is present.

Lifting the patella position – Applying athletic tape for the knee under the kneecap can help raise the patella and improve its position in the trochlear groove. This reduces friction and pressure on the underside of the kneecap.

Reduce Swelling – The compression of the tape improves circulation and drainage, helping to reduce fluid buildup or swelling around the knee joint.

Stress Relief – Supporting tissue structures such as ligaments and knee strap supports can divert some mechanical stress away from overloaded areas.

These advantages make a therapeutic tape for knees valuable for athlete rehabilitation and injury prevention. However, it should be combined with exercise therapy for best results. Proper taping technique is also critical to avoid injury and limit complications.

What is the best knee physiotherapy tape?

Therapeutic tape for knee – This elastic cotton tape with an acrylic adhesive provides support and proprioceptive feedback while allowing a full range of motion. Common brands include KT, Kinesio, Rocktape, Wemade, etc.

The most suitable athletic tape for your knee will depend on your specific knee condition, the support you need, the tape’s fabric material, and lifestyle factors. We recommend Wemade here. They do very well in terms of usability and customer feedback. The variety of tapes is enough to meet your needs.

Camo Kinesiology Tape
different colors kinesiology tape

How long can you leave knee tape on?

Leaving therapeutic tape for knee on for 3-5 days is generally safe.
1. Tape for knee pain is designed to be worn temporarily to provide support during activity or exercise. It is recommended to take it off the same day after use to keep your skin clean.

2. Our tape is waterproof when showering or swimming and will not affect the effect. However, it is best to dry the tape immediately at the end. Keeping it dry can extend the use time.

3. Never sleep with athletic tape for the knee on your skin as it may fold, twist, and irritate the skin.

4. If the therapeutic tape for knee becomes too stiff, becomes dirty, or begins to cause pain or worsening of symptoms, it should be removed and replaced regardless of how long it has been on.

Where to buy therapeutic tape for the knee?

We mentioned above which tapes are better. The recommendation here is WEMADE. If you only want to use it personally and the demand is relatively small, you can choose to buy it nearby. But if you want to purchase large quantities of good-quality therapeutic tape for the knee, You can try WEMADE. This is a factory that has been focusing on the production of knee tape support for more than ten years.

The factory covers an area of 13,000 square meters, has more than 50 machines, an annual output of 50 million rolls, and more than 100 employees, which is enough to meet your needs; if you want customized services, WEMADE also has a variety of customization options, including products, packaging, logos, etc. You only need to provide your plan, and there will be professional salespeople here to work with you. Get in touch and discuss the best solution together. WEMADE tape is also exported to many countries and is very good among many customers. As long as you are interested, you can contact us anytime.


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