What is kinesiology tape shoulder?

Do you know what is a kinesiology tape shoulder? If you don’t know, you can continue to look down. Impingement syndrome is one of the most common shoulder problems in everyday life. Shoulder pain is caused by damage to structures such as the muscles, tendons, and bursae beneath the shoulder.

The shoulder joint is an injury-prone joint. The shoulder is made up of the scapula and humerus (head). The scapula is composed of the acromion, coracoid ligament, and coracoid process. Faced with the problems posed by such an important component, a solution must be found. At this time, the emergence of kinesiology tape shoulder can solve this problem very well.

Kinesiology tape shoulder is one of the effective methods for the treatment of shoulder impingement: it can assist in daily posture recovery training, improve shoulder (glenohumeral) alignment, and reduce muscle use (such as deltoid and upper trapezius muscles), which is very good in treatment auxiliary means.

Being able to speed up the healing process and reduce overall recovery time can effectively relieve pain and promote better shoulder recovery. This is an effective tape and when applied correctly you will notice a change in the way you move and less pain in your shoulder range of motion.

how to put on kinesiology tape on shoulder?

Get two pieces of exercise tape that fit the length of your shoulders. The first cuts into a Y shape, the other doesn’t need to be cut. Cut the right angles of the stickers into rounded corners, so that they are not easy to fall off.

First stretch and paste the Y-shaped muscle patch along the shoulder muscle curve, and then paste the other muscle patch along the shoulder. Please watch the video for details.

Why use Kinesiology tape shoulder?

The shoulder is a widely used and relatively unstable joint for everyone. There are many muscles that work together to make the shoulder work, and when any shoulder muscle group is overactive or underactive, problems can arise.

Shoulder pain can result from complex injuries to the shoulder muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, cartilage, and bones. Stress, past injury or inflammation, or improper exertion are often causes of persistent shoulder pain. The Kinesiology tape shoulder helps improve lymphatic drainage, relieve pressure on nerves, reduce pain, and provide support and stability to the shoulder.

Kinesiology tape shoulder does not contain any medicinal properties and is made of man-made synthetic fibers or pure cotton. Man-made synthetic fibers compared to cotton muscle tape, it is more waterproof and flexible, providing better protection and support during exercise.

kinesiology tape shoulder
kinesiology tape shoulder

How to cut kinesiology tape shoulder?

When it comes to cutting sports tape, we have to mention muscle tape scissors. This is a good tool for cutting muscle tape, because it may be inconvenient to use ordinary scissors, because household scissors are not suitable for tape The use of scissors may produce rough edges due to wear and tear during the cutting process of the kinesiology tape shoulder, because the tape is a special type of item, which itself contains glue components, and it will not be cut well if professional scissors are not used .

So it is still recommended to use special scissors for cutting muscle stickers, which are tailor-made for the use of muscle stickers. If you usually feel that cutting tape is troublesome, you can try the pre-cut tape produced by wemade company. This is a kind of muscle tape that can be torn off directly and has rounded edges. It also saves time in use. The role, and wemade company also has a special muscle stickers scissors, you can also pay attention to it.

How to cut kinesiology tape shoulder
How to cut kinesiology tape shoulder
How to cut kinesiology tape shoulder

what’s the best kinesiology tape shoulder?

The best shoulder muscle stickers must not be defined in this way, because each product has its own advantages and disadvantages, you have to try it out to make your own judgment, and everyone’s experience is different, so it is still You need to know more about the characteristics of the kinesiology tape you need, so that you can make your own judgment. The recommendation for you here is the wemade kinesiology tape.

It does not mean that this is the best kinesiology tape at present, but it must be Many people feel good about it after using it. Whether it is in terms of its fabric, use effect and price, it has achieved a very good improvement, and the number of users is also very large.

where to buy kinesiology tape shoulder?

For that matter, you’ll have to go to your local store and see where they sell shoulder exercise tape.

If you are considering to buy shoulder injury tape with better effect and better price, we recommend Wemade shoulder injury tape to you. If you have this brand of shoulder injury tape on sale in your local area, please be sure to try it, because only after you have used it will you have a deeper understanding of the product quality of this brand. Wemade has been established for more than ten years.

The factory covers an area of 13,000 square meters, has more than 50 machines, an annual output of 50 million rolls, and more than 100 employees. Wemade shoulder injury tape has been sold in many countries, and the number of customers is still increasing. Quality and service are pretty good. If you can’t find a store of this brand locally, you can also contact us directly to buy it, even if you only want one, we can deliver.

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