Athletic Tape Finger

Athletic tape finger is an extremely wear-resistant, antioxidant and tape made from a material made of breathable cotton blended with a latex-free adhesive to ensure maximum stability and comfort! Handball tape does not contain chemicals of concern and is sweat and water resistant.

Finger tape can protect fingers from wear and tear, prevent finger blisters, support finger joints, and prevent finger fractures. The best finger tape sizes on the market are 0.8cm, 1.25cm and 2.5cm. These three sizes can perfectly fit the finger joints of 98% of people.

Athletic tape finger  is ideal for jiu-jitsu, grappling, judo, rock climbing, weightlifting, golf, hunting and other sports that rely heavily on the fingers or have strong impact on the fingers.

Available Sizes

0.9/1/1.25cm*5m (0.35/0.4/0.5in*16.4ft)

0.5/0.7/0.8/0.9/1/1.25/1.5cm*10m (*0.2/0.28/0.3/0.35/0.4/0.5/0.6in*32.81ft)

0.8/1/1.25/1.5cm*13.7m (0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6in*44.95ft)

Wemade accepts custom sports tape colors and sizes, such as ice hockey tape, athletic tape, soccer tape, kinesiology tape, and more. Customized graphics to match jerseys for professional teams to enhance uniformity and appeal. Slogans, branding, instructions, etc. can also be printed to enhance visibility and impact.(Learn More)

What is the Finger Tape?

hand strapping for injury

Zinc Oxide Hot Melt Adhesive

Using high-quality zinc oxide hot-melt adhesive, it has strong stickiness, low allergy, good fixation effect, and is not easy to shift or fall off. It can be peeled off after exercise without leaving any residue.

tape for wrapping hands

Serrated Edges, Easy To Tear

Zigzag edge design, with built-in incision, no need for scissors, can be easily torn apart by hand, no matter what the occasion, it can be torn and used easily.

cricket tape for hands

Pure Cotton Material

Comprehensive base material, comfortable and sweat-absorbent, breathable and skin-friendly, latex-free design to effectively avoid allergies and rashes.

3 types of athletic tape fingers

handball finger tape

Flat Edge Finger Tape

Flat edge finger tape cannot be easily torn by hand and is mostly used in medical applications. For example, if a finger is broken, a finger splint can be used to fix it. It can be used to fix the infusion needle on the back of the hand during infusion. Hospitals are equipped with special bandages and tape scissors. Choosing flat-edge finger tape is cheaper and can better control costs.

cricket tape for fingers

Serrated Edge Finger Tape

The serrated edge finger tape has a wavy easy-opening design that can be torn open by hand anytime and anywhere, making it more suitable for sports and fitness. Because most tools such as scissors are not available in sports situations, sports tape must be easy to use. 98% of sports finger tapes have zigzag edges.

finger tape handball

Rigid Finger Tape is an alternative to cotton finger tape. This product was developed because many people will find that heavy friction will cause the tape to wear very seriously during use, and it cannot protect fingers very well. Rigid Finger Tape is made of artificial cotton, which is thicker and more wear-resistant, and is more suitable for occasions with heavy friction, such as rock climbing, mountain climbing, etc.

Functions Of Athletic Tape Finger

sports strapping

Buddy Taping

Buddy bandaging is the most common method of taping fingers, and its principle is to use healthy fingers to support and protect injured fingers. It uses healthy fingers as finger splints to tightly wrap sprained, dislocated or fractured fingers, which is beneficial to injury protection. It is often used during competition as a temporary solution to protect injured fingers and promote recovery from minor injuries.

rigid sports strapping tape

Prevent Blisters Taping

This taping method is mainly to prevent blisters, and it is the most widely used patching method. Its principle is very simple. It uses the thickness and wear resistance of athletic tape finger to bear the damage instead of the finger skin. Whether you’re rock climbing, kayaking, playing ball, doing farm work or any other job that requires your fingers, you can use this method to protect your fingers.

rigid sports tape

Support Joint Taping

This taping method is common after joint injuries. Athletic tape finger acts like a simple cast that holds your finger tightly while it heals naturally. It has no elasticity, so a thick layer of athletic tape for has enough support to limit the movement of your fingers so that they don’t bend inadvertently, causing further damage.

rigid strapping

Resistance To Impact Taping

This sticking method is common among athletes of various ball sports, especially football goalkeepers, basketball players, rugby players, etc. Because these large ball games usually have a strong impact, and they all need to use their hands to catch the ball, a little carelessness will cause great damage to the fingers. This sticking method uses athletic tape finger to fix the fingers at a slightly bent angle in advance to resist the impact of the ball.

Application Of Finger Tape

Climbing Finger Tape

Climbing Finger Tape

Climbing finger tape prevents blisters or finger wear so you can climb comfortably.

basketball finger tape

Finger Tape Basketball

Finger Tape Basketball can protect the skin of your fingers while softening the impact and avoiding fractures.

rigid strapping tape bulk

Volleyball Finger Tape

Volleyball Finger Tape can effectively resolve the impact generated when catching the ball in volleyball and protect finger joints.

football finger tape

Football Finger Tape

Football Finger Tape can prevent finger fractures caused by football players falling, and can also relieve the impact of goalkeepers when catching the ball.

Weightlifting Finger Tape

Weightlifting Finger Tape

Weightlifting finger tape protects and provides support to fingers and wrists.

Kayak Finger Tape

Kayak Finger Tape

Kayak Finger Tape can prevent finger wear caused by long-term training and protect your fingers.

Guitar Finger Tape adhesive tape zinc oxide

Guitar Finger Tape

Guitarists wrap their fingers with tape to protect them from damage caused by long or strenuous playing and to provide support for the hand muscles.

Guzheng Finger Tape

Guzheng Finger Tape​

Guzheng Finger Tape can be used to fix the finger picks used to play the guzheng to prevent finger injuries caused by long-term hard playing.

Different types of finger tape

medical tape for sports injury

Athletic Tape Finger

self adhesive wound wrap
kinesiology physiotherapy tape

How To Use athletic tape finger?


What do you use finger tape for?

Form a protective layer on the outside of the skin, allowing athletic tape finger to bear the damage caused by friction instead of your skin.

What is the best tape for a finger injury?

Different athletic tape fingers are suitable for different occasions, there is no one that is the best, only the most suitable. For mountain climbing and rock climbing, choose athletic tape finger. For engraving and writing, choose cohesive bandage finger. For bowling and basketball, you can choose kinesiology tape finger.

Does finger tape work?

Of course, although different sticking methods play different roles, some play a supporting role, and some play a role in preventing friction, there is no doubt about the protective function of athletic tape finger on fingers.

What is a finger tape?

Athletic tape finger is a kind of sports tape that can protect fingers. It is made of cotton and can prevent finger sprains, friction and blisters.

Should I sleep with my finger tape?

Of course you can, but it should not be too tight when wrapping it to prevent blood circulation.

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