vet wrap bandage

Vet wrap bandage, sometimes called cohesive bandage, animal bandage, or self-adhering bandage. Commonly used in veterinary medicine to bind wounds or support animals’ limbs or joints.

Vet wrap bandage is a flexible, lightweight fabric that only sticks to itself, not to skin or fur. This allows it to be wrapped around an area of an animal’s body comfortably.

Vet wrap bandage is very stretchy and elastic. This means it provides excellent compression when wrapped, helping to reduce swelling, protect wounds, or immobilize joints.

Available Sizes

2.5cm*4.5m (0.98inch*14.76ft)

5cm*4.5m (1.97inch*14.76ft)

7.5cm*4.5m (2.95inch*14.76ft)

10cm*4.5m (3.94inch*14.76ft)

15cm*4.5m (5.91inch*14.76ft)

Wemade accepts customised bandages and customised packaging in the size or colour you want. Custom adhesive bandages are usually printed with a design or logo on the bandage and papercore, and can also be customised with personalised packaging to create a brand image. (Learn More)

Features Of Vet Wrap Bandage

Animal bandage is easy to tear

The fabric is soft and breathable, and it will not be stuffy for long-term use, giving injured pets the most comfortable experience.

The animal bandage is easy to tear apart by hand. Easy to apply and stay on. No pins or clips are required.

Self-sticking bandage Self-adhesive, non-stick skin and hair

Vet wrap bandage has excellent elasticity and can be freely adjusted to a maximum stretch of 220%.

Super elastic, effective dressing and fixation accessories, and does not affect movement.

Elastic self-adhesive bandage

Vet wrap bandage only sticks to itself and does not stick to skin or hair, protecting pets’ fur from damage.

Animal bandages are sticky but don’t leave any sticky residue and won’t come off due to sweating.

Vet Wrap Bandage In Different Sizes

2.5cm 1 inch self adhering vet wrap

1-inch vet wrap is suitable for micro animals, birds, chicks, ducks, rabbits, hamsters, etc.

Stabilize injured legs of small animals
Fix bird’s claws to prevent curling
Wrap bird wings to stabilize fractures

5cm 2 inch cohesive bandage vet wrap

2-inch vet wrap is suitable for small animals, kittens, puppies, ducks, hawks, eagles, etc.

Wrap kitten and puppy paws to use as shoes
DIY pet clothing to keep warm from the cold
Fixing accessories, bandaging wounds, etc.

7.5cm 3 inch animal vet wrap

3-inch vet wrap is suitable for large animals lions, tigers, gorillas, calves, lambs, etc.

Protect wounds, compress and stop bleeding
Support joints to help calves and lambs stand
Prevent postoperative infection

10cm 4inch vet wrap

4-inch vet wrap is suitable for extra large animals, bulls, horses, camels, giraffes, etc.

Wrap horse’s hooves after trimming
Wrap horse legs to prevent sports injuries
Wound care for large animals after injury

Available Colors Vet Wrap

solid color vet wrap

Solid Color self-adhering bandage

 We have 18 solid colors of self-adhering bandage to choose from, and we can also provide color numbers and customize colors according to the Pantone color card. All colors do not affect use, just different people have different preferences. Contact us for color cards.

camo vet wrap

Camo Vet Wrap

 We have 15 camo vet wrap colors that blend well into the natural environment to hide activities, equipment, etc. Our invisible camouflage bandages provide optimal camouflage for military exercises, hunting apparel, nature photography.

Pattern vet wrap

Patterned Vet Wrap

 37 fun patterns to make your bandages even more unique. Keep your pet looking cuter during veterinary care or home recovery. Unique patterns can also make your pet look more special. Patterned vet wrap is great for clothing for pets.

Best Selling Animal Bandage Colors

Vet Wrap bandage has 70 colors and patterns to choose from, with many styles, cartoon, cute, solid color, camouflage, print, etc. Children like cute and cartoon styles, and camouflage styles are chosen for outdoor adventures, but the most popular are the following four colors: black, pink, red and white.

black vet wrap

Black Vet Wrap

pink vet wrap

Pink Vet Wrap

red vet wrap

Red Vet Wrap

white vet wrap

White Vet Wrap

Application of Vet Wrap bandage

cohesive bandage that stick to itself for dog

Vet Wrap For Dogs
Acts as dog shoes protect dog paws
Wrap ears to prevent dogs from scratching
As a canine vest to make the dog look cuter

Vet Wrap For Horses

Vet Wrap For Horses
Protect horse hooves
Provide sports support
Cover wounds, and suppress bleeding

Vet tape For Cats

Vet Wrap For Cats
Fixed infusion tube
Warmth and cold protection
Decorative cat climbing frame

Vet Tape For Birds

Vet Tape For Birds
Treating Curled Bird Claws
Wrapped bird playground
Bird injured bandaged

Vet Wrap For Humans

Vet Wrap For Humans
Sports support, joint protection
Fixed ice packs, football boots, etc.
Protect fingers from blisters


What type of bandage is animal bandage?

Animal bandage is a type of self adhering bandage. Its characteristic is sticks to itself. self adhering bandage is a multi-purpose adhesive bandage, used for wound dressings and sports support bandages, with a stretch length of 4.5m.

Is animal bandage the same as human wrap?

No different, Animal bandage can be used on both animals, pets, and humans.

Is animal bandage the same as self adhesive wrap?

In fact, animal bandage and self adhesive wrap are the same thing, and it also has a name called cohesive bandage. There may be slight differences in materials between different brands.

What does cohesive bandage do for horses?

The cohesive bandage provides support when the horse is in motion and provides wound protection when the horse is injured. Horse bandage is usually a relatively wide 4 inch cohesive bandage.

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