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kinesiology tape waist

Kinesiology tape waist is a waist trainer designed to be worn around the waist during exercise or other physical activity. Unlike traditional waist trainers, which are often made of rigid materials that can be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. 

Our waist trainer wrap are typically made of softer materials such as 95% cotton or 95% rayon plus 5 % spandex.The purpose of the waist training belt is to provide additional support and compression to the lower abdomen during exercise to increase perspiration and promote weight loss.

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We are a manufacturer from China. We can provide any ODM and OEM services you need. We have a professional design team. If you need customized products, you can contact us directly, or you can click custom kinesiology tape or wemade service for details.

Features Of kinesiology tape waist

95% Natural Cotton, Safe, Breathable, No Side Effects
Made from naturally grown premium cotton, this waist tape is comfortable and breathable. The design of adding 5% spandex yarn increases its flexibility and elasticity.Simulates the elasticity of the skin and fits closely to the body without being tight.

Gridline Markers For Precise Cutting Without Wasting Tape
The self-adhesive paper of waist trainer wrap is marked with precise grid lines, which can help you remember your usual size and cut the same length every time. Avoid wasting the tape if it is too long, and cut a new tape if it is too short.

Water Ripple Glue, Better Air Permeability
Different from other types of tapes that are covered with glue, kinesiology tape waist uses water ripple glue, which can ensure the stickiness while maintaining breathability, so that the skin is not stuffy.

Japanese Acrylic Or German Henkel Glue, Very Low Allergy Rate
Wemade’s waist trainer wrap uses imported medical-grade glue, which does not contain latex or natural rubber, and has an extremely low allergy rate.

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Does kinesiology waist tape really work?

Of course, the effect is obvious! Take a look at the comparison chart below and you will have a clear understanding of this matter.

Application of kinesiology tape waist

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Correct Posture, Support The Lower Back

Prevent hunched back and improve your posture with this kinesiology waist tape from us. At the same time, it can also support the waist, share the pressure of the waist, and relieve the pain of the waist. 

Maintain the normal state of the connecting structure of the hip joint and lumbar spine supporting the human pelvis.

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Flatten The Abdomen And Control Appetite

This kinesiology waist tape will flatten your abdomen and create a perfect figure. It also has the function of slimming waist and losing weight. 

It has very good elasticity. The wide waist tape can cover your stomach, reduce hunger, achieve the purpose of dieting and weight loss, and help you lose weight easily.

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Burn Fat, Relieve Pain

Because of its soft, breathable material, you can also use it while exercising without restricting your movements. Accelerate fat burning during exercise and let you lose weight faster! 

You can also cut it into a claw shape and stick it on your abdomen, which can help relieve abdominal muscle pain during your exercise.

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Good For Postpartum Recovery

New mothers who have just given birth will definitely face the problem of splitting the rectus abdominis, which will make your abdomen look bloated and obese.

 Our waist tape solves this problem very well, and it can help you restore the rectus abdominis as soon as possible To normal state, let you get back in shape as soon as possible.

kinesiology tape VS waist training belt

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Thinner And More Breathable
The kinesiology tape waist is made of a thin layer of cotton cloth and spandex, which is very breathable, and there is almost no special feeling when wrapped around the waist, and it will not be stuffy.

Disposable, More Hygienic
After the waist trainer wrap is pasted, it can be used for 3-5 days at a time. After use, it is thrown away directly, and it is not reused, which is more clean and hygienic.

Tightly Fit The Skin, Not Easy To Move
The waist tape can be tightly attached to the skin, will not move with your movement, and will not restrict movement.

Wider Use
Not only can it be used to bind the waist, but it can also be used to relieve muscle pain in various parts of the body, and it can also be cut at will.

Concealment Is Better
Very light and thin, hidden under clothes and completely invisible.

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Thicker And Less Breathable
The traditional waist training belt is made of many layers of thick cotton cloth, which has poor air permeability and is very stuffy when worn on the body. It is a disaster to use in summer!

Long-term Repeated Use, More Likely To Breed Bacteria
The traditional waist training belt must be cleaned regularly, because its thick fabric is difficult to wash thoroughly, and it is very easy to breed bacteria.

Restricted movement
Since it’s thick, it doesn’t fit the body very well. When you walk, squat, run, it moves up and down with your body.

Single Purpose
It can only be used to bind the waist, it has no other effect! !

Poor Concealment
Thick loincloth training belt, very visible under the clothes, even affect the wearing of the clothes.

How do you tape your stomach flat?

The goal of the kinesiology tape waist is to provide support and pain relief with gentle tension. Following these guidelines can help you maximize the benefits of kinesiology tape while avoiding potential skin irritation issues. If you have any concerns, please consult your healthcare provider for individualized guidance.

1.Prepare a roll of waist trainer wrap. The large roll of 17cm*5m is used in the video.

2.Clean and dry the area to be applied. Make sure there is no lotion, oil or dirt on the skin.

3.Peel off the backing paper and stick one end of the tape to the side of the waist without stretching.

4.Waist trainer wrap horizontally around waist, gently pulling on tape to activate adhesive. Tape should have 15-25% stretch when applied.

5.Wrap the tape around your waist in a belt for more support and stability. Make sure there are no wrinkles or folds in the tape.

6.Gently rub the waist tape after application to activate the adhesive. The tape should stay in place during sports and workouts.

7.WaistTape can be worn for 3-5 days before replacing. To remove, gradually peel off edges. Do not remove the tape quickly.

8.Be sure to clean and dry your skin again before reapplying new kinesiology tape waist. Monitor for any irritation or allergic reaction.

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How do you tape your stomach with kinesiology tape?

There are many ways to use kinesiology tape on the abdomen. If you want to lose weight, you can use the winding method to bind your stomach and reduce your appetite. If you want to relieve abdominal muscle pain, you can cut it into a claw shape and stick it on the abdomen. Different usage methods can achieve different purposes.

How do you tape your stomach flat?

Twine! Wrap lots of circles around your belly! ! The elasticity of the tape will flatten your tummy! !

How many days should you wear kinesiology tape?

3-5 days is the typical recommended wear time for most waist trainer wrap applications.  Areas that sweat a lot may also need more frequent tape changes.

Can you use KT Tape to flatten your stomach?

Of course, KT Tape is a non-toxic, non-sideeffect elastic cloth tape, its function is to use its own elasticity to bind your waist and make it look slimmer. At the same time, it can suppress appetite and play a role in weight loss.

Can wrapping my stomach make it smaller?

It won’t help you lose weight by itself. Its main function is to help you tightly bind your stomach, so that you are not so hungry, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. The only proven way to lose weight is through proper diet and proper exercise. While it won’t help you lose weight fast, it can make you look less fat before you lose weight.

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