How to Use kinesiology Tape for Pain Relief?

Kinesiology tape provides athletes with better protection and can effectively relieve muscle pain and fatigueSummer is approaching, and more and more people are joining the outdoor exercise team. Do you also want to join the running team? However, before running, we need to do some stretching and warm-up exercises. Stretching can help us quickly mobilize various joints and mechanisms in the body. Although it has the effect of preventing injuries, some people may still experience some pain during running, such as knee pain!
Kinesiology tape

If this is your first time hearing about kinesiology tape, so I briefly introduce them to you.

kinesiology tape is a very popular thing for people who like to exercise, used in rehabilitation training and sports to reduce the disability caused by pain and injury, the goal is to help any People, from elite athletes to mass athletes, move better. kinesiology tape is made of 95% Cotton + 5% Spandex. Adhesive layer, waterproof, easy to apply. Size: 5cm X 5m. Kinesiology tape used by professional athletes to support muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments.

kinesiology tape have elasticity, and their main function is to utilize the viscoelastic properties and mechanical direction of the patch, in conjunction with the principles of muscle dynamics and biomechanics, to provide reinforcement or relaxation therapy for specific muscles.

When you are doing running exercises, the muscles in your knee area will generate different tensions and need to bear different burdens. If you exercise excessively, it can easily cause muscle damage. And kinesiology tape can help us protect and stabilize muscle tissue during exercise, thereby achieving a preventive and relieving effect.

The kinesiology tape of this material Latex-free, hypoallergenic, water-resistant, sticks to the body in the shower, sweat, and the rest of life with no discomfort, no skin damage.

Therefore, the correct use of kinesiology tape can achieve the effects of reducing pain, swelling, promoting rehabilitation function, and improving motor performance

Usage and precautions of kinesiology tape

When conducting running exercises, in order to prevent muscle damage, we can apply according to the direction of muscle or fascia movement. For specific instructions, please search for relevant application videos or consult a professional physical therapist/rehabilitation specialist.

Kinesiology tape
Kinesiology tape

In addition, due to the stickiness of the kinesiology tape, its components contain glue, so the following two points should be paid special attention to:

-Allergy: Different skin types have different sensitivities to glue, and some people may develop allergies to the use of kinesiology tape. Therefore, it is necessary to stop using them in a timely manner.

-Avoid skin strain: Avoid violent tearing to prevent skin strain. For people with heavy body hair, it is recommended to clean their hair before use

Usage cycle of kinesiology tape

kinesiology tape are disposable consumables that can be kept for 2-3 days depending on the material used. They can be taken into a bath and wiped dry with a towel. If you regularly exercise and use it, it is recommended that you replace it after each exercise.

Usage cycle of kinesiology tape

Where to purchase kinesiology tape?

kinesiology tape are now very common, and you can often see many sports stars in different sports fields using them: Bell(Real Madrid), Harden (NBA)

We usually have many channels to purchase, including offline channels such as hospitals, fitness centers, supermarkets, and physical therapy stores; Online purchases can be made on online platforms, such as Amazon, Wal Mart, Alibaba, etc.

However, if you do not know the industry, you should identify professional manufacturers or suppliers, such as WEMADE, which is a brand manufacturer focusing on kinesiology tape, with strict quality control, good industry reputation, and good customer reputation.

kinesiology tape

 If you are interested in online purchase, you can go to learn about it~

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