How to put kinesiology tape on ankle?

Kinesiology tape ankle effectively addresses post-exercise pain.The ankle is one of the most important body joints and it needs to be strong enough to support the entire body. At the same time, it is also the most vulnerable part. Improper walking posture, excessive exercise, etc. can easily cause swelling and soreness. So, a common but specific Kinesiology tape ankle is needed to be applied to the ankle.

How to put kinesiology tape on ankle?

Step1. Measure from the inner ankle to the middle of the outer calf.

Step2. Cut with scissors, and then cut rounded corners to prevent curling.

Step3. Fix one corner at the ankle joint and stretch to the bottom of the foot to the middle of the calf.

Step4. Measure the distance from the heel to the ankle, and prepare 3 strips.

Step5. Stick from the heel to the top of the foot to the ankle.

During this process, be careful not to touch the glue surface with your hands, do not over-stretch, and rub the tape many times. This will effectively stop the ankle sprain and relieve swelling and soreness.

What is in kinesiology tape?

One complete roll of kinesiology tape ankle consists of fabric, glue, backing paper, paper tube. 95% cotton fabric is more skin-friendly and breathable. The remaining 5% spandex provides the stretch required for ergonomics. The remaining 5% spandex provides the stretch required for ergonomics. The water ripple glue acts on the muscles, has strong viscosity and is not easy to be allergic. Adhesive backing paper with a grid to mark the length and shape you need. The paper tube in the middle can be customized branding. Of course, the fabric, self-adhesive paper can be printed or branded, and you can also customize the width and length you want.

Does kinesiology tape help with torn tendons in ankle?

The principle of kinesiology tape ankle acting on ankle is to expand the skin and skin tissue gap, thereby promoting blood and lymphatic circulation and reducing local pressure. Its function is to better protect, support and stabilize tissues such as muscles, ligaments and joints. Although its fixation effect is not as good as that of athletic tape and adhesive bandages, its feature of not restricting movement is unmatched by traditional tapes. For ligaments and tendons is to play a corrective role, so as to prevent damage caused by wrong posture and unreturned joints. So, if you tear a tendon, you should stop your activities and take your doctor’s advice,reasonable use of kinesiology tape ankle.

Is kinesiology tape scientifically proven?

After scientific verification, kinesiology tape ankle can prevent injuries, restore muscles, repair muscle damage caused by excessive narrowing or excessive stretching, and play a role in relaxing muscles. In addition, when exercising, avoid aggravating injuries, promote muscle contraction, or help muscles play their due role.

kinesiology tape ankle

What is the best brand of kinesiology tape runners world?

There are many well-known Kinesiology tape ankle brands, such as KT tape, kinesiotape, sporttape, rocktape, OK tape, Hampton and so on. They have personalized tapes and customized packaging, making the brand more and more popular. Everyone recognizes their brand image and professional product knowledge. I think they are both the best brands of kinesiology tape in the world. However, their success is inseparable from the production and R&D departments, Perhaps, some people are manufacturers themselves, and some are brand owners.

The biggest advantage of Wemade is the manufacturer that can help you create your personal brand. It covers an area of 13,400 square meters, employs a total of 100 people, and has a daily output of up to 50,000 rolls. It is a factory integrating raw materials, research and development, production, quality inspection, sales and transportation. It has more than ten years of sales and export experience. And exported to more than 100 countries, served tens of thousands of customers.

kinesiology tape ankle
kinesiology tape ankle

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