How to apply kinesiology tape for patella subluxation?

Kinesiology tape patella, a soft muscle tape, is the best way to relieve the symptoms of mild patellar subluxation, and it can relieve your pain without surgery.

What Is Patella Subluxation?

The patella (kneecap) usually sits in a groove in the center of the bottom end of the thighbone.

A patellar subluxation means that the kneecap has briefly slipped out of its normal position in this groove.

In most cases, when the kneecap slides out of position, it moves toward the outside of the body.

This can be a one-time event or it can happen multiple times.

Kinesiology tape patella
Kinesiology tape patella

Symptoms of patellar subluxation:

One of the common findings associated with acute, primary, traumatic patellar dislocation is hemarthrosis of the knee, caused by rupture of the medial patellar restraint. Medial swelling will also be evident. Patellar luxation usually decreases spontaneously when the knee is extended.

What can I do to get better?

stay away from anything that causes pain

Ice for 15-20 minutes (every hour) can help control pain and swelling

Work with an athletic trainer or physical therapist to strengthen weak muscles and stretch muscles that are too tight

If the symptoms are not too severe, kinesiology tape patella can usually be used for relief. Kinesiology tape patella cannot treat your patellar subluxation, but it can help you relieve pain and make you more comfortable.

What can I do to get better?

When should I see a doctor?

if you can’t put your weight on your legs

Rest and ice do not improve pain and swelling

knee pops or gives way

If you are unsure of the severity of your condition

How to apply kinesiology tape patella to knee for patella subluxation?

  1. Take a whole strip of Kinesiology tape patella, cut two 15cm pieces of tape, then cut two 25cm pieces of tape, and round off the right corners of all the tape.
  2. Place the front half of one of the 15cm pieces of Kinesiology tape patella horizontally below the knee. Place the Kinesiology tape patella at 80% elastic and rub it back and forth to ensure a tight fit between the tape and the knee.
  • Take the second 15cm tape, and stick it on the first tape in the same way.
  • Take a 25cm long tape, start from the middle of the short tape under the knee, stick one end, stretch it with 80% force, and stick it around any side of the knee until it reaches the thigh
  • Take the last 25cm tape, start from the starting point of the first long tape, and stick it along the other side of the knee with the same stretching force, so that the two long tapes are left and right symmetrical.
  • Finally, rub each strip of tape back and forth to ensure a tight fit against the skin.

Many factors can affect the effectiveness of Kinesiology tape patella, here are some considerations

1. Before applying tape, carefully clean skin with rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, or pre-applied skin cleaner.

2 Round the corners of each strip before application. This helps prevent the corners of the tape from lifting prematurely.

3. After pasting, rub the tape from the center to both ends. To activate the adhesive, rub the tape to make sure it sticks firmly in place.

4. Trim or remove thick hair if taped over that skin area. The lint doesn’t affect the stickiness of the tape, but it can be a pain to remove.

5. Avoid putting on Kinesiology tape patella immediately after exercising or showering.

6. Do not apply Kinesiology tape patella to damaged or irritated skin. This will make your skin more damaged.

7. Try not to touch the adhesive surface of the tape when pasting. Leave some backing behind as you dispose, and gradually remove it as you apply the last length of tape.

8. When sticking, do not stretch the tape all the way to the end with 100% stretch. Fully stretch only the center portion of the tape, and leave the last few inches at both ends unstretched at all.

9. Do not tear the tape off the skin quickly when removing it. It should be soaked in water for a while, or applied with a wet towel for a while, and then slowly removed.

where can i find Kinesiology tape patella?

Kinesiology tape, including specific tape designed for patella support, can be found at various places. Here are some common options where you can find kinesiology tape for patella:

If you need a lot of kinesiology tape, you can also choose to buy directly from the factory, for example, Wuxi Wemade healthcare Products Co., Ltd. Wemade is a manufacturer of kinesiology tape, cohesive bandage, and sports tape from China.

We have more than ten years of manufacturing experience. Small batch orders are also ex-factory prices. Of course, if you only order a few rolls, the price is still very expensive because of transportation. high cost. If you want a case or a few cases, you can feel the price is very cheap. We accept orders in any quantity, and we’ll ship even one roll.

where can i find Kinesiology tape patella?
where can i find Kinesiology tape patella?
where can i find Kinesiology tape patella?

Physical therapy clinics: Local physical therapy clinics often carry kinesiology tape and may have specific tape designed for patella support. You can inquire if they sell the tape directly to patients.

Sports stores: Many sports stores, including larger chains and specialty athletic stores, carry kinesiology tape. Check your local sports stores or sporting goods sections of department stores.

Online retailers: Numerous online retailers offer a wide selection of kinesiology tape, including those designed for patella support. Some popular platforms include Amazon, eBay, and specialized sports equipment websites.

Pharmacies and drugstores: Some pharmacies or drugstores may have kinesiology tape in their sports medicine section or bandage aisle. It’s worth checking with local pharmacies to see if they stock kinesiology tape.

Medical supply stores: Medical supply stores often carry a range of healthcare products, including kinesiology tape. These stores cater to healthcare professionals and the general public, so they may have the specific tape you’re looking for.

Kinesiology tape patella
Kinesiology tape patella

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