How do you use kinesiology tape for tennis elbow?

Using kinesiology tape for tennis elbows is a standard physical therapy method, and we use it because elbow injuries can be painful and severely limit the normal function of the arm.

Kinesiology tape for tennis elbow can relieve pain and pressure on the elbow muscles, provide support and stability, and relieve inflammation. These properties make it a perfect physical therapy method for treating tennis elbow.

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow refers to pain and tenderness on the outside of the elbow caused by inflammation of the tendons that connect the forearm muscles to the elbow. The forearm muscles and tendons are damaged from overuse. The pain can also be felt in the forearm and wrist.

Kinesiology tape for tennis elbow is very suitable for prevention and relief.

What are the symptoms of tennis elbow?

The symptoms of tennis elbow are similar to those of golfer’s elbow, causing pain outside the elbow. Other symptoms include:

1. Pain spreads down the arm toward the wrist.

2. Pain will be worse when using the forearm, such as bending, writing, holding a racket, turning a wrench, or fully extending the arm.

It often occurs in anyone who uses the forearm muscles regularly. For example, it is common in painters, plumbers, carpenters, chefs, and butchers. Those who play active racket sports, such as badminton, tennis, or squash, are at greater risk for developing tennis elbow, especially if their hitting technique is incorrect.

Elbow pain tape

If the symptoms are severe, it may lead to various diseases, such as shoulder pain, shoulder injury, strain, elbow pain, sprain, sports injuries, wrist pain, etc. Therefore, kinesiology tape for tennis elbow should be used promptly to treat these symptoms.

What does the kinesiology tape for tennis elbows do?

Change your perception of pain

When applied to the elbow, kinesiology tape for tennis elbow slightly stretches the skin and underlying tissues and provides constant pressure. This stretch and pressure can change how the brain processes pain or interrupt pain transmission. Elbow pain tape can also relieve muscle fatigue and minimize connective tissue irritation and pain between the tendons.

Relieves elbow pressure

The kinesiology tape for tennis elbow can help manage tennis elbow symptoms by reducing the load on the elbow when the wrist extensor muscles contract.

Increases self-awareness

Using kinesiology tape for tennis elbow makes you more aware of your body’s position and movement. Having Kinesiology tape on your arm and elbow reminds you to move more ergonomically and avoid strenuous activity. This increased self-awareness is also known as proprioception.

How do you tape kinesiology tape for the tennis elbow for support?

Tape for elbow pain for Tennis Elbow is an excellent option for treating lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow by using it correctly, minimizing pain, and changing how you move your arm. Check out the detailed tutorial below to learn to use elbow pain tape to tape your elbows and get back to work or your favorite racquet sport.

Prepare three strips of elbow pain tape, as shown in the video. Clean your elbow skin for a skin-friendly fit. Trim the tape for elbow pain to prevent it from curling up when applied. All the kinesiology tape for tennis elbow stretches in the video is 50%, so be careful when using it! Finally, rub the tape a few times to activate the stickiness.

With the above knowledge, you can use kinesiology tape at home for tennis elbow physical therapy. Elbow pain tape can be combined with other tennis elbow treatments to speed up healing time and reduce pain. I hope you can recover and solve your symptoms as soon as possible.

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