mouth sleep tape

Mouth sleep tape, sometimes called snoring tape or sleep tape, is a piece of breathable medical tape that some people wear on their lips at night to help prevent mouth breathing.

The main principle behind this is to force people to breathe through their noses while sleeping by forcing their mouths to close rather than opening their mouths and breathing primarily through their mouths.

Available Sizes

75mm * 48mm

60mm * 43mm

76mm * 41mm

55mm * 40mm

We are a manufacturer from China. We can provide any ODM and OEM services you need. We have a professional design team. If you need customized products, you can contact us directly, or you can click custom kinesiology tape or wemade service for details.

Details of the mouth sleep tape

taping for snoring

Hypoallergenic Glue
Safe and harmless, no irritation to the skin, can be used with confidence
Strong Stickiness
Not easy to fall off, avoid accidental eating due to falling off during sleep
Easy To Peel Off
Peeling is painless, leaves no residue, and does not hurt the skin
Water Corrugated Glue
Snoring tape is breathable and comfortable. It can be used all night without stuffiness.

tape on mouth

Skin-friendly Material
Mouth sleep tape is made of 95% cotton + 5% spandex, soft and comfortable
Strong Elasticity
Designed to imitate skin elasticity, good elasticity, and not tight
Unique Shape
Mouth shape, no need to cut, perfect fit on lips
Easy To Use
Gently peel off the adhesive paper and you can use snoring tape, even in the dark night.

mouth sleep tape

Various Shapes
We have a variety of shapes of mouth sleep tape to choose from, there is always one that suits you.
Various Colors
We have 24 colors to choose from
Various Materials
Cotton, rayon, non-woven fabric
Strong snoring tape manufacturer, supports customization and fast delivery

Mouth Sleep Tape Of Different Sizes

mouth tape

75MM Mouth sleep tape is most suitable for adults, the width is exactly the same as the mouth.

The 60mm wide mouth tape for snoring is suitable for teenagers. This size can completely cover their entire mouth.

55mm width is most suitable for children.

sleep tape

Special-shaped mouth tape is the latest design. Its hole design can avoid the risk of suffocation.

The H-shaped snoring tape is the one with the widest range of applications and does not limit the number of users.

Oval sleep tapes are the best-selling style and have a rounded shape.

snoring tape

X-shaped and bone-shaped are special-shaped designs and are the earliest mouth tape shapes.

As a Snoring tape manufacturer, we have the ability to design and produce mouth patches of various sizes and shapes for you.

For more customized shapes and sizes, please contact us.

Why Use Mouth Tape?

how to use mouth sleep tape?

1. Mouth Tape reduces the direct inhalation of unfiltered air into the lungs, helps practice nasal breathing, develops softer breathing habits, and prevents dry mouth and throat.

2. Increases breathing difficulty through the mouth. Snoring tape promotes nose breathing during sleep and reduces snoring.

3. Nasal breathing provides better air circulation and oxygen intake, promoting deep sleep.

4. Promote the correct positioning of the tongue and chin, prevent chin protrusion or retraction, prevent facial deformation, and affect appearance.

5. Sleep tape promotes mouth closure and prevents drooling.

6. Protect the respiratory tract and prevent bacteria, viruses, etc., from directly entering the respiratory tract due to mouth breathing.

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Is mouth taping sleep safe?

Mouth taping does not have protective drugs and other active ingredients, so it is safe. The only risk is that the tape will fall off due to the non-stick glue and be swallowed during sleep. In this regard, cloth tape has a tremendous advantage because it enters the mouth. Very easy to spot.

What type do you put on your mouth before sleeping?

Mouth tape is also called snoring tape or sleep tape. It is pre-sliced using kinesiology tape.

How long does mouth taping take to work?

The primary purpose of mouth tape is to prevent mouth breathing, so it usually works immediately. However, the adhesive used in mouth tape is generally heat-sensitive, usually taking half an hour to an hour to stick firmly.

Does taping your mouth help your jawline?

For developing children, mouth sleep tape can encourage them to breathe with a closed mouth and help shape a perfect jawline. For adults, this effect is minimal.

Can mouth-breathing faces be reversed in adults?

The bones and contours of an adult’s face have been set, and it is difficult to change them with mouth sleep tape, but it can help adults prevent snoring.

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