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kinesiology tape for hand

The main function of kinesiology tape for hand is to protect the palm, fingers, and nails from damage. There are many types of kinesiology tape for hand, with different shapes and the same main functions.

Among kinesiology tape for hand, there are palm tape, finger tape, and a regular kinesiology tape uncut roll that is the most widely used, not only for hands, but also for ankles, knees, shoulders, etc.

Available Size

2.5cm*6.8cm (0.98inch*2.68inch)

7.5cm*23cm (2.95inch*9.06inch)

2.5cm*5m (0.98inch*16.4ft)

5cm*5m (1.97inch*16.4ft)

We are a manufacturer from China. We can provide any ODM and OEM services you need. We have a professional design team. If you need customized products, you can contact us directly, or you can click custom kinesiology tape or wemade service for details.

Kinesiology Tape vs Athletic Tape

kinesiology taping for hand manufacturer

Acrylic glue

Water ripple glue, breathable, hypoallergenic, skin-friendly.

High elasticity, light support

Unrestricted joint movement reduces friction and relieves stress on hand muscles.

Relieve sore hand Muscle

Suitable for free sports, such as bowling and so on.

athletic tape for hand and wrist

Zinc oxide adhesive

Full glue, stronger stickiness, not easy to fall off.

No elasticity, gravity support

Hand exercises are limited to prevent sprains and twists.

support hand joints

Ideal for sports that require support, such as goalkeeping.

Different types of kinesiology tape for hand

Palm Tape WIth Holes


Palm tape is a pre-cut tape patch specially designed for the palm. Palm tape is based on the traditional pre-cut tape strips and adds 3 holes. These holes are convenient for you to drill your fingers through. On the other side of the palm tape, we designed to divide the tape into two from the middle, so that you can wrap palm tape around your wrist easily. This design ensures that while protecting your palm, palm tape also protects your wrist at the same time.Its length is usually 24*7.5cm (8.27*2.95 inch), suitable for most adults.

blue bowling tape


Finger tape is a pre-cut tape patch specially designed for fingers. The main function of finger tape is to protect your fingers from abrasion and blisters. Finger tape is widely used in bowling, mountaineering, basketball, football and other sports. Compared with rigid finger tape, this finger tape is softer because it is elastic and does not restrict the movement of finger joints. Our regular finger tape patch is 2.5cm*7.5cm (0.97inch*2.95inch), just enough to wrap around an adult’s finger.

how to use Finger tape

Kinesiology Tape for Hand, Availbale Size and Shape!

kinesiology tape uncut roll

Kinesiology tape uncut roll is the best selling product of wemade. Kinesiology tape uncut roll can be cut into any shape and size according to your needs, kinesiology tape uncut roll is suitable for all body parts, the disadvantage is that you may need to carry a pair of scissors with you when you use it. When kinesiology tape uncut roll is used on the hand, it can be called kinesiology tape for hand. Our regular sizes are 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, and the length is 5m. You can also choose custom sizes.

palm tape

Why use kinesiology tape for hand

Kinesiology tape uncut roll can be used for various purposes in sports and activities involving the hands due to its unique properties and benefits. Here are some reasons why kinesiology tape uncut roll might be used for hand-related concerns:

Sports Performance and Support

Athletes in various sports, such as basketball, tennis, and weightlifting, may use hand kinesiology tape on their hands to provide additional support and stability during activities that put stress on the hand muscles and joints. This can help improve grip strength and overall performance.

Preventing Blisters

Friction and repetitive motions can cause blisters on the hands, especially during activities like rowing, rock climbing, or weightlifting. Applying hand kinesiology tape to areas prone to blistering can provide a protective barrier and reduce friction, minimizing the risk of blister formation.

Wrist Protection

kinesiology tape for hand can offer support to the wrist joint during activities that involve repetitive wrist motions or heavy loads. This added stability can help reduce the risk of wrist injuries or provide support for existing wrist issues.

Protect nail

For individuals who have decorative nail art or freshly painted nails, hand kinesiology tape can be used to cover and protect the nails during physical activities. This helps prevent chipping or damage to the nail art.

How to use kinesiology tape for hand

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Is there a difference between the colors?

There is no distinction between colors – the colors are purely decorative. The adhesive is the same strength and it doesn’t matter which color you use when applying hand kinesiology tape. The reason we use multiple colors in the video is to make it easier for people to see when there are multiple strips of hand kinesiology tape.

Should I wear hand kinesiology tape before a game or workout?

Yes, hand kinesiology tape can effectively protect your joints and skin from blisters, and you’d better use it an hour before exercise.

How long will the kinesiology tape uncut roll last?

kinesiology tape uncut roll can be left on for multiple days at a time. We recommend that you wear kinesiology tape uncut roll no longer than 5 days. Generally, how long it lasts depends on where the tape was applied. For example, when applied to a knee or foot, which is naturally a harsh environment for the tape, the tape usually stays on for 2-3 days. For applications such as shoulders or back, the tape will last longer.

Am I harming myself if I use kinesiology tape for hand incorrectly?

No, kinesiology tape for hand has no medicinal ingredients, so it will not have any side effects. Improper use will only prevent you from getting its help, and will not harm you.

Do I need to shave my hair before applying the hand kinesiology tape?

Hand kinesiology tape is recommended to shave the hair on the area where it is used, otherwise it may stick to the hair and cause pain when it is removed.

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