Why do NFL players wear football turf tape for arms?

Football turf tape for arms is a particular type of tape that football players use to protect their skin from turf burns, scrapes, blisters, calluses, or any friction that occurs when players come into contact.

For years, athletic coaches have used football turf tape for arms to wrap players’ arms before games as a safety measure to prevent injuries, as football players can easily fall and injure themselves while chasing the ball. Even tiny turf particles from the ground can damage the skin.

Therefore, WEMADE “football tape” is specially launched to solve this problem. It is usually worn on the back of the arm because it has the most contact with the ground. However, the football tape can be worn anywhere needed. Many players wrap their wrists and tie a long strap behind their arms for maximum protection. At the same time, football tape prevents particles from entering the player’s gloves, ensuring that players are not affected by foreign objects and can perform at their best.

football turf tape for arms

What does football turf tape for arms do?

NFL players wear football turf tape for arms both for fashion and for their protection. This type of football tape can be worn on the arm or any body part to avoid swelling or burns (called “turf burn”).


The positions that most obviously benefit from wearing football arm tape are running backs, wide receivers, cornerbacks, safeties, and even linebackers. However, all players should wear football arm tape because it is made from cotton and spandex. It is comfortable and breathable against the skin, so it will not negatively impact any player’s performance. If you’re a football player, you’re prone to injuries from falls, and wearing football turf tape for arms can protect you from as much injury as possible, no matter what position you play.

Prevent abrasions

Turf burn is caused by a player’s exposed skin coming into contact with the artificial turf or field at high speeds. In most cases, this high-speed contact results in skin abrasions and rashes that feel like burns and, if left untreated, can lead to skin infections that make it impossible to continue playing.

To prevent these injuries, football turf tape for arms is recommended at the elbows and knees, the two joints most likely to hit the lawn.

football turf tape

How do you use football turf tape for arms?

First, prepare a roll of good quality and comfortable 10cm*5m football arm tape, such as WEMADE tape.

1. Measure the area of the arm where the football arm tape needs to fit to determine the appropriate length.

2. Cut out the appropriate length according to the grid lines of the self-adhesive paper.

3. Peel off the adhesive paper on the back of one side of the football arm tape to form an anchor point and fix it to the arm.

4. Slowly stretch downward along the anchor point without using too much force.

5. Stretch it to the wrist to fit it firmly, and rub it several times for the best sticking effect.

6. Finally, horizontally apply a piece of football wrist tape to the wrist for reinforcement.

Does it hurt to remove football turf tape for arms?

There is generally some pain, but the football tape can be removed almost painlessly if the correct method is used.

Take it off when taking a bath

When taking a bath, we use soap, shower gel, etc.; the water temperature will cause them to pass through the glue, and then try to peel it off gently.

Baby oil

Pour or rub baby oil directly onto the football tape, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then slowly peel it off while gently pulling the skin in the opposite direction. The tape will come off more easily.

Tear it off with your fingers

This method involves slowly tearing it off by hand without the help of any external object. It is recommended not to remove it quickly to avoid damaging the skin.


Now, you should have a new appreciation for football turf tape for arms and understand why many football players use it during games. If you want to know more about the football turf tape for arms or want to find it, click on WEMADE Tape.

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