How to apply kinesiology tape to your thigh

What Is The Leg Taping?

Leg taping is a fabric with adhesive. Soft fabric with elasticity, skin-friendly and non-irritating. Special glue, firm and not easy to fall off. Attaches to the leg and acts on the muscles and joints, stretching without restriction. Usually, leg tape can be applied when running, jumping, climbing, etc. need to use leg strength. When you see colorful tape applied to shoulders, calves, arms, knees during athletic events, that’s kinesiology tape designed to provide support, reduce soreness, eliminate swelling, and increase performance.

How does leg taping work?

There are well developed muscle groups and strong supporting joints distributed on the human leg. When applied to the legs, the skin will feel gently pulled up. This is said to help increase the space between the skin and subcutaneous tissue, thereby changing the pressure under the skin. The change in pressure enhances the flow of lymph, reduces swelling and helps heal bruises quickly. Leg taping also improves blood flow to the skin and enhances the performance of the body’s joints.

What is kinesiology tape used for?

Some physical therapists often prescribe leg taping as a rehabilitation aid to reduce swelling and pain. Add extra support to muscles and joints without restricting movement. The feeling of sticking to the skin can always remind you to correct wrong posture. Prevent injury, improve performance and build endurance during intense sporting events.

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How to apply kinesiology tape to your thigh?

Here’s how kinesiology tape works on the quadriceps.

Step1. Prepare one tape about the length of the quadriceps.

Step2. Round the edges and rip the ends.

Step3. Kneel down and fix the corner on top of the quad with 0% stretch.

Step4. Apply the remainder of the tape to the quadriceps with 0% stretch.

Step5. Get tape as wide as your quads.

Step6. Tear in the middle and apply 50% stretch to the painful point.

Step7. Stick the ends of the tape down with 0% stretch.

Step8. Rub to activate glue.

How to apply kinesiology tape to your calf?

Here’s how kinesiology tape can relieve strains and cramps.

Step1. Prepare two tapes the length of the calf.

Step2. Fix one corner to the top of the Achilles tendon with 0% tension.

Step3. Apply the remainder of the tape to the inner calf with 0% stretch.

Step4. Repeat for the outer calf.

Step5. Get tape as wide as your calf.

Step6. Tear in the middle and apply 50% stretch to the painful point.

Step7. Stick the ends of the tape down with 0% stretch.

Step8. Rub to activate glue.

How to remove kinesiology tape?

  1. Gently and slowly peel off the tape in the direction of the hair.
  2. Oil will affect the stickiness of the tape, so with oil, it will be easier to remove the tape. That’s why it’s important to keep your skin clean and dry before applying kinesiology tape.
  3. Soaking in water for a long time, such as taking a bath, can also remove the tape easily.

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