Conclusions of clinical research on pink athletic tape at home and abroad

pink athletic tape for added athletic protection

The application of pink athletic tape that may increase skeletal muscle strength may have a certain therapeutic effect, but it has no clinical significance.

In some studies, individual muscle peak force/peak torque was increased, but the pink athletic tape did not help healthy adults gain strength;

2. A study of healthy people using different pink athletic tape methods on the same part showed that: different kinesthetic taping methods can not produce facilitation and inhibition; (that is, cannot increase muscle strength…)

3. For those who support the effect of the intramuscular pink athletic tape, it is more from the psychological suggestion effect;

pink athletic tape

pink athletic tape can prevent muscle damage

4. athletic tape may have an injury-preventive effect, but these studies did not provide direct measurements of injury-prevention;

5. In a comparative study investigating the pain relief of intramuscular tapes, there were even results of no clinical value;

6. In a study on the effect of athletic tape on symptoms of low back pain, moderate stretching of the kinesio tape to create wrinkles in the skin was no more effective than no stretching of the tape.
This result directly challenges the mechanism of action of this therapy;

Muscle patch protects joints

7. The proper sticking method of the athletic tape has a certain effect on limiting the range of motion of the joints;

8. The current study shows that the application of athletic tape does not produce higher peak torque and increase work during joint movement, nor does it shorten the retention time of peak torque during exercise in healthy young people.
Therefore, the positive results of previous studies on the pink athletic tape can be attributed to the placebo effect.

Seeing this, everyone should come to a conclusion-for the problems in the running process, the internal effect is close to the egg!

Kind tips:

If you want to use this pink athletic tape to reduce swelling and pain, or to partially restrict joint movement, you must master the correct method of use, and allow your body to adapt for a period of time after the patch is applied before moving.

If you experience itching or other discomfort in the area where the pink athletic tape is attached, or if the original movement pattern is changed, please remove the patch immediately!

explanation of sports tape from Wikipedia

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