What is the principle of white athletic tape’s protective effect during exercise?

How white athletic tape works

The elastic force generated by stretching the white athletic tape (≤30%) during sticking pulls the direction of the skin, increases the gap between the skin and the subcutaneous tissue, and then affects the flow direction of the subcutaneous fascia tissue, so that the fascia system can have sufficient Permeability and circulation, promote lymph and blood circulation.

That is, it is biased towards so-called “neurological applications”.

Analysis Tip 1 of white athletic tape:

This mechanism is mainly to promote the return of tissue fluid and lymphatic fluid, and in clinical applications, white athletic tape is more used as an auxiliary means to eliminate postoperative/inflammatory swelling and relieve tension pain caused by swelling.

So, do you need this mechanism of action when running? If an athlete experiences tension pain from inflammation and swelling, they should stop exercising temporarily.

So, from this point of view, the muscle patch is not helpful for the running process.

Principle 2:

When more than 30% tension is applied to the patch, the action mechanism of the patch is more inclined to the officially declared “structural application”, which is generally used for joint correction.

white athletic tape
What is the principle of white athletic tape's protective effect during exercise? 2

Analysis Tip 2 of white athletic tape:

From the perspective of the structure and function of the sticker, the elasticity of the flick sticker, the rebounce sticker, the white sticker, and the Leike sticker decreases in turn, while the stability and restriction on the joints increase in turn.

From this level of analysis, the “correction of joints” in the design intention of the kinesthetic tape is in doubt.

athletic tape have the best elasticity, meaning the least stabilizing and limiting effects. So here comes the question: If the athlete really wants to “correct the joints”, why not choose a professional tape with stronger stabilization and restriction?

If there is a problem with the joints, the treatment should be treated, and the rehabilitation should be restored.

Relying on exogenous aids without improving the strength and function of your associated muscles and structures will not really help you.

Principle 3:

Some users believe that when the white athletic tape reaches the maximum stretch limit, the effect is equivalent to a of white athletic tape, which can limit the movement of the joints.

Watchers, for this point, the following comparison photo has already proved that: when the athletic tape is stretched to the extreme, the fiber gap expands, and the protective effect of the tape decreases rapidly, which does not play a very good role. Protective effects.

Analysis Tip 3 of white athletic tape:

If you encounter an ankle sprain during running, you must first stop running, and then apply ice to the injured area in the shortest possible time, and then use the of white athletic tape as a white athletic tape to fix the ankle joint.

Why do you say “temporary”? The reason is that: the strength of the intramuscular effect sticker under the extreme stretching state is far less than that of the inelastic white sticker! Besides, the athletes have sprained their feet during running, will you continue to run?

So from this level, the of white athletic tape is not helpful for the running process. If you really want to protect your joints, there are stronger options.

Principle 4:

The official mechanism of action also mentions that proper stretching of the of white athletic tape and taping according to the contraction direction of the muscles in the auxiliary parts required can form an “external muscle” with similar functions to a certain extent to assist the original muscle contraction.

Analysis Tip 4 of white athletic tape:

Most foreign clinical studies do not support this view. In the past 5 years, the research literature on the mechanism of of white athletic tape in foreign countries has questioned the efficacy of the official claims.

At the same time, the results of most randomized controlled clinical trials show that the various effects claimed by of white athletic tape need further research.

The current conclusion is that the degree of improvement of the musculoskeletal system by the of white athletic tape is not clinically meaningful, and the current evidence does not support the use of the of white athletic tape intervention in this clinical population.

explanation of sports tape from Wikipedia

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