best Wrist Tape Basketball manufacturers in 2023

Now on many athletes, it can be seen that they are pasted with various colors of wrist tape basketball. The positions of these muscle stickers are also different due to different sports methods.

For example, most runners stick to their knees or ankles. Runners will also stick to the shoulder or back, because the basketball pro wrap tape is a very helpful tool for athletes.

The popularity of basketball pro wrap tape continues to grow as players find it to be a helpful aide in both injury prevention and performance enhancement. In this article, we will take a look at the top wrist tape basketball manufacturers in the market today.

The main function of the wrist tape basketball

Although the wrist tape basketball has many color changes, it can also be used as a decoration during exercise, but its main function is to use the pulling force generated by extending the muscle patch to help pull the direction of the skin and muscles, and increase the flow of tissue fluid.

Increase metabolism to relieve pain and harness tension, help support the function of body muscles, relax muscles and correct posture, and help maintain muscles, ligaments and tendons so you can still move when you recover from an injury.

Muscle Tapes are lightweight, comfortable and can handle all types of injuries, whether you have low back pain, knee pain, shin pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and more.

A single basketball pro wrap tape, when used in the correct conditions, can provide support for muscle flexibility, relieve pain and maintain flexibility in your body, which other rehabilitation equipment cannot achieve.

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Types of Wrist Tape Basketball

There are many types of wrist tape basketballs on the market. But what is the best type?

There are three main types of basketball pro wrap tape: traditional, wrap, and hybrid.

Traditional wrist tape basketballs use an adhesive to attach the Velcro to the ball. This is the most common type of wrist tape basketball and is usually used by beginners. Wrap Wrist Tape Basketballs use a band that wraps around the ball. This prevents it from moving around and makes it more stable in your hand. Hybrid Wrist Tape Basketballs combine the best features of both traditional and wrap wrist tape basketballs. They have a band that wraps around the ball, but also has Velcro attached so it can be easily adjusted.

best Wrist Tape Basketball manufacturers in 2022

There are many businesses that manufacture wrist tape basketball. Some of the most well-known companies are 3M, Spalding, Warrior and Wemade.

3M is a company that has been manufacturing basketball athletic tape for over 50 years. They make a wide variety of products, including wrist tape basketballs.

Spalding is also a well-known company when it comes to manufacturing wrist tape basketballs. They have been making them for over 100 years and continue to make them today.

Warrior is another company that manufactures wrist tape basketballs. They were founded in 1984 and have become one of the leading manufacturers of this type of product.

Wemade is a leading manufacturer and exporter which is specialized in producing different kinds of medical bandage, sports tape and kinesiology tape for over 10 years, offering OEM ODM service to our clients. We have domestic leading production equipment and complete quality inspection department In order to ensure quality and delivery time.

Founded in 2011, based on active development, Wemade has become a key manufacturer and exporter of medical dressings in China. Complying with FDA, CE requirements, MDS actively carried out and introduced international management standards, built up an efficient quality assurance system ISO13485,ISO9001. Wemade has successfully entered international markets, mainly USA, Japan, Europe, Africa and Middle East and so on. Meanwhile, the domestic market is also quite fruitful.

Advantages of Muscle Tape

Some people will think that if you use pressure shin guards or arm sleeves, you can have the same effect, but the biggest advantage of muscle tape is that it can be used in different ways according to different parts, and wrist tape basketball is more direct It is attached to the skin, so it can be completely adhered to the painful area, which is an advantage that cannot be achieved by pressure shin guards or arm sleeves.

How to choose the best tape for your business?

Recently, more and more wrist tape basketball products have appeared on the market, and more and more people have begun to use them.

Generally speaking, there are two types of muscle patches due to different materials: cotton muscle patches and professional muscle patches.

Cotton wrist tape basketball: The most common muscle patch is mainly made of cotton. It has a short service life and needs to be replaced in about one to three days.

Professional muscle patch: The professional muscle patch is made of composite materials, so it can improve the use time, and can be used for about three to seven days.

In addition, in the choice of wrist tape basketball, you have to make a choice based on your own condition and environment, such as the condition of your skin and the condition of the sports environment.

You can only find the most suitable wrist tape basketball after taking these factors into consideration.

The use of wrist tape basketball must be combined with the correct way of use.

The most important thing before use is to pull your wrist tape basketball so that they can stretch normally to ensure that they can be fully attached to the skin afterward.

Then carefully clean the stickers. On the upper part, any oil and lotion may cause the wrist tape basketball to be less than complete.

If there is more hair on the part where it is attached, it is recommended to remove these hairs first.

Finally, if you want to stick it before exercise, remember to stick it an hour before exercise to have the best effect.


In 2022, it is predicted that the wrist tape basketball industry will be worth an estimated $128 million. This is due in part to the growing popularity of the sport, as well as more athletes being injury-prone and seeking ways to improve their game. Wrist tape basketball has become very popular in recent years, with many players opting to use it instead of conventional braces or sleeves. If you are looking to get a piece of this lucrative industry, be sure to research which wrist tape basketball manufacturers are currently leading the pack.

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