What exactly is a wrist tape basketball? what’s the effect ?

The wrist tape basketball was first invented by Dr. Kenso Kase, D.C. in Japan in the late 1970s.

The name comes from the prefix of the English word “Kinesiology”, and the domestic translation is “Intramuscular effect”, domestic professionals are often referred to as intramuscular effect stickers, wrist tape basketball, muscle stickers, etc.

The original intention of the design is to maintain a certain range of motion of the joints while having a certain protective effect on the musculoskeletal and joints, and also to create an independent theoretical system.

The main function of wrist tape basketball

1. Pain relief

2. Improve circulation

3. Reduce edema

4. Promotes healing

5. Support Soft Tissue

6. Relax Soft Tissues

7. Training Soft Tissues

8. Correct Posture

9. Improve incorrect movement patterns

As ordinary people, we actually stick to the most important role of the wrist tape basketball

1. Restore muscle function

2. Pain relief

3. Improve circulation

4. Correct joint alignment

wrist tape basketball

How wrist tape basketball Work:

“The kinesthetic patch is attached to the skin, which is simply equivalent to pulling your skin, (reducing tension pain) so that the skin and the muscle will not be so tight, so the whole process of blood circulation and metabolism will go smoothly.

Moreover, the surface tension, with the correct sticking method, will play an auxiliary role in the stretching or contraction of the muscles, which can be understood as labor-saving.

If there is some slight pain in the body, sticking the functional wrist tape basketball will help recovery and pain relief.

It is used more as an adjunct to eliminate postoperative/inflammatory swelling and relieve tension pain caused by swelling

The official propaganda states: to a certain extent, an “external muscle” with similar functions is formed to assist the original muscle contraction.

But once sweating, the most expensive wrist tape basketball start to curl, and the viscosity of the skin becomes smaller, so there is little external assistance (personal opinion).

Of course, the patch is not always very useful, any rehabilitation technology has its best field, and the combination and matching of different technologies is very important.

What kind of muscle patch to buy as an ordinary sports enthusiast

I have used some functional wrist tape basketball, the cheapest ones are relatively rough, the most expensive is KT, and the cheap Decathlon around 30 is also available, although the official said there are a lot of differences, such as skin-friendly, degree of pull, breathable and perspiration, this and that Yes, but for myself, basically any brand of glue sticks on my body without allergies.

The difference lies in the duration of sweating and curling, the degree of curling, and whether it looks good on me, and whether others can see that I have put on such an expensive muscle patch.

Athlete’s Mistakes:

1. Is the muscle patch the same as the dog skin plaster?

A: The wrist tape basketball does not contain any drugs, it is purely a physical traction on the skin.

2. Is there any effect on the itching at the patch site?

A: This is an allergy. If you feel any discomfort or inhibition changes the original movement pattern, no matter how expensive your wrist tape basketball is, please remove it immediately.

3. The body hair is very heavy, can I stick the muscle patch?

Shave before use, the hair on the surface of the body seriously affects the effect of the muscle patch, if you want to apply the muscle patch before you start exercising, then shave!

4. When is the best time to apply a muscle patch?

Before exercising, the closer to the time you want to exercise, the better, and make sure your skin is dry when applying.

5. Are muscle stickers really useful?

Generally speaking, although it is said that muscle stickers do have a certain practical effect, at that time I think that the psychological effect of muscle stickers is greater than the actual effect.

In addition, most people hope that others will see the colorful muscle stickers they put on, and there are also certain The mentality of comparison is at play.

6. As a novice, should I buy a roll or a sticker?

My personal suggestion is to buy the stickers cut out (personal experience), the rolls are really a waste of money, and you can’t remember the wrist tape basketball before every workout.

Don’t ask me how I know it, just look at the muscle stickers my family left for running the marathon.

explanation of sports tape from Wikipedia

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