In what situations can the tape wrist basketball be used and how should the tape wrist basketball be used?

The tape wrist basketball is used by many athletes, and the general population can also use it, but there should be professional help, do not use it indiscriminately, then, in which cases can the intramuscular patch be used? How should the muscle patch be used?

In what situations can the tape wrist basketball be used

It can also be used in sports-loving people who have acute soft tissue injuries, tendon and ligament strain, and joint instability.

However, there must be a professional person to help, a professional doctor or a rehabilitation therapist, to carry out the treatment of the muscle patch.

tape wrist basketball can be used in various situations such as cervical spondylosis, tennis elbow, tendonitis, and lumbar muscle strain, ligament strain, and ligament tear that are common in life.

Kinesiology stickers mainly work by adjusting the tension of the sticking part.

Therefore, when using, it is necessary to select the size of the sticker and the way of sticking according to different diseases and the size of the injured part to ensure that the appropriate tension is achieved.

tape wrist basketball
In what situations can the tape wrist basketball be used and how should the tape wrist basketball be used? 2

Beware of improper use causing more harm

Since ordinary people do not have the ability to judge the specific injury inside the skin, if the paste is not appropriate, not only the effect will not be good, but it may also cause problems.

For example, in acute soft tissue inflammation, sticking to the muscle can relieve the tension of the skin, but if it is too tight and the skin tension is too large, it will aggravate the skin damage.

At the same time, the original intention of the muscle sticker is to relieve the tension of the tendon and ligament.

If the pasting method is wrong, it will increase the tension of the tendon and ligament and aggravate the strain.

In addition, for patients with joint laxity, if the position of the tape wrist basketball is wrong, the originally stable part will be strengthened, and the unstable part will become more relaxed, which is not conducive to the stability of the joint.

I would also like to remind everyone here that the intramuscular patch only has a relieving effect, not a therapeutic effect.

Do not delay the regular rehabilitation treatment because of long-term dependence on the intramuscular patch, resulting in aggravation of the condition.

How should the muscle patch be used?

1. Trimming method of tape wrist basketball

The starting state of the tape wrist basketball is to cut one piece of I-type tape, and then we can trim it according to the symptoms and taping needs.

It can be trimmed into the following common shapes, I-type, Y-type, X-type type and claw type.

It should be noted that no matter what shape the trimming is, the corners should be trimmed and rounded.

2. How to use different shapes of muscle stickers

①I type:

Type I is the most commonly used taping shape and can accommodate almost all taping needs and is easy to trim.

②Y type:

The Y-shape is often used on muscles with larger areas, such as the gastrocnemius exemplified here.

③X type:

Type X is mostly used to deal with pain points.

④Claw type:

It is often used to promote local tissue circulation, relax tissue tension, and improve tissue fluid retention (swelling).

3. Preliminary preparation for tape wrist basketball

①Assess the problem, confirm the symptoms of the site to be taped and the taping needs

② Determine the sticking method to solve the problem (support, relaxation, pain relief, swelling reduction, correction, etc.)

③Measure the length of the muscle tape required for the taping position (varies from person to person, trim according to the length)

④ Trim shape according to the purpose of taping (I type, Y type, X type, claw type, etc.)

⑤Positioning: Before preparing to stick the muscle stickers, you need to position and stretch the muscles of the sticking parts.

This can effectively lift the epithelial tissue, produce skin folds, increase the gap between the skin and the subcutaneous tissue, and then affect the flow of the subcutaneous fascia tissue, so that the fascia system can have sufficient permeability and circulation, and promote lymphatic drainage. and blood circulation.

4. Basic operation method of tape wrist basketball

①Determine the starting point of the contact between the muscle sticker and the skin to determine the sticking direction.

The joint part to be taped is usually selected as the starting point of the sticking. The fixed point of the relationship.

The function of tape wrist basketball mainly depends on its elastic retraction force, so the direction of retraction force is the key factor for us to decide the direction of taping.

②Tear off the back sticker from the middle of the anchor point (about 5 cm).

Note: Do not touch the adhesive with your fingers, so as not to affect the sticking effect.

③After attaching the anchor point, stretch the tape wrist basketball in the desired direction, and smooth and press the muscle sticker with the other hand along the stretching direction to make it adhere to the skin.

④The type of tape wrist basketball is a heat-sensitive adhesive, so after the sticking is completed, you can follow the sticking direction and rub the muscle sticker with your hands repeatedly to make it more firmly bonded to the skin.

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