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4 precautions for using white athletic tape

What is a white athletic tape

For the purpose of white athletic tape, emergency treatment, rehabilitation of sports injuries, prevention and recurrence of sports injuries, the use of sports tape is used to prevent the human body from exceeding the normal range of motion so as to protect the body (mainly joints, muscles, tendons). technology.

Reasons to use a white athletic tape

Provides fixation and compression strength that fits the anatomy and physique (there is a bespoke fit)

1. white athletic tape can fix joints and muscles more effectively (the effect can last 3-4 hours).

2. The white athletic tape is close to the skin, can correspond to the movements of the joints and muscles, and is not easy to fall off.

3. Good ultra-thinness and fit feeling are very important protective tools for the competitive sports of wearing sports shoes.

4. The type of white athletic tape and the method of bandage are easy to master.

white athletic tape

Rules for the implementation of white athletic tape

1. The injured person should be in proper position.

2. The affected limb is placed in an adaptive position, so that the patient can keep the limb comfortable during the dressing process and reduce the patient’s pain.

3. The affected limb should be white athletic tape in the functional position.

4. The packer usually stands in front of the patient in order to observe the patient’s facial expressions.

5. Generally, when using athletic tape, it should be from the inside out, and from the distal end to the trunk.

At the beginning of the bandaging, two ring bandages must be made to fix the bandage.

6. When wrapping, grasp the bandage roll to avoid falling. The athletic tape should be rolled and applied flat to the bandaged area.

7. The pressure should be equal every week when bandaging, and it should not be too light, so as not to fall off.

It should not be too tight, so as to avoid circulatory disturbance.

8. Except for patients with acute bleeding, open wounds or fractures, the local area must be clean and dry before bandaging.

9. Rings, gold bracelets and watch necklaces should be removed before dressing.

Precautions for white athletic tape

1. Before dressing

Consult a doctor after injury, avoid swollen areas, and clean white athletic tape (sweat, booty, body hair).

2. Bandaging

Do not hinder the skills of nerves and blood vessels, maintain a certain range of motion of the joints, and do not appear wrinkles, bubbles, and gaps.

3. After bandaging

Remove immediately if symptoms such as changes in skin color, allergies, etc. occur, and immediately after exercise.

Wikipedia's explanation of white athletic tape

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