Do you know the 3 functions of white athletic tape?

white athletic tape is a common thing in our daily life. If we pay attention to sports, we will find that many athletes use them.

For example, volleyball players have white athletic tape wrapped around their knees. So how do sports bandages work? What about tying? Is there anything I need to pay attention to when tying?

white athletic tape

How to tie a white athletic tape?

There are many ways to bind white athletic tape, mainly including: ring wrapping, spiral wrapping, spiral reverse wrapping, figure-of-eight wrapping and reverse wrapping; these methods are mainly used for different wrapping parts of.

The ring dressing method is used for small or cylindrical parts of the limbs, such as hands, feet, wrists and foreheads, and is also used at the beginning of various dressings.

The spiral dressing method is used for parts with approximately equal circumferences, such as upper arms, Fingers, etc.;

Spiral inversion wrapping method is used for parts with different circumferences, such as forearm, calf, thigh, etc.; figure-eight wrapping method is used for wrapping and fixing clavicle fractures in shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, and other joint parts;

Bandaging is used on the top of the head, finger tips and limb stumps.

What does sports tape on athletes do?

When we watch various sports competitions, we always see a lot of colorful and peculiar white athletic tape on athletes’ bodies.

The scientific name is called intramuscular tape, which was invented by the Japanese in the 1970s.

The original intention involved is to have a certain protective effect on the musculoskeletal and joints, while maintaining a certain range of motion of the joints.

So, what kind of protection can white athletic tape play?

1. For the muscle itself, white athletic tape can enhance the contractility of the damaged muscle, eliminate local pain, reduce muscle overstretching, reduce muscle fatigue and the occurrence of cramps;

2. Increase blood and lymph circulation, eliminate congestion or local tissue fluid, improve original edema or internal bleeding, reduce tissue pressure, reduce pain and discomfort, and reduce inflammation;

3. Enhance joint stability, prevent joint abnormalities caused by abnormal muscle contraction, adjust fascia, normalize muscle function, and increase joint mobility; Fourth: stimulate skin and muscles, and have analgesic effect .

Wikipedia's explanation of white athletic tape

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