3 precautions for the use of white athletic tape

The most common people we see using white athletic tape are athletes who have been injured or have not healed.

They use white athletic tape to prevent their injuries from getting worse or recurring.

white athletic tape have a good preventive effect, so in addition to them, Can I use sports bandages without injury? www.wmdhc.com is here to answer your questions.

Can I use a sports bandage if I’m not injured?

A sports bandage can be used if there is no injury.

There are three functions of sports bandages, one is the emergency treatment of sports injuries, the other is to prevent re-injury, and the remaining one is the prevention of sports injuries; for the purpose of preventing sports injuries, it protects and strengthens joints and muscles. , is one of the means of effective protection for easily injured parts such as ankles, wrists and fingers.

white athletic tape

Who is suitable for white athletic tape?

1. Those who participate in sports to prevent injuries to muscles and joints.

2. People who have been injured before to prevent the recurrence of old injuries in the same parts in sports.

3. People who continue to play sports because of sports or other reasons, to prevent the aggravation of the disease.

From the above articles, we can find that white athletic tape can be used not only for those who are injured, but also for those who have not been injured but who have prevented injuries.
This shows that the scope of application of white athletic tape and users are still very wide, so www.wmdhc.com recommends that you try a white athletic tape when exercising.

The role of sports tape and how to store it

The role of sports tape

Sports tape, as the name suggests, is a tape that needs to be used during exercise.
It uses elastic cotton as the base material, and then is made of medical pressure-sensitive adhesive.
At present, it is widely used in competitive sports to protect and reduce injuries to various parts of the body during sports, and plays a protective role.

When using sports tape, you need to clean and dry the adhesive area first, and then tear off the tape according to the required length and quantity.

Precautions for the use of sports tape

1. It is only suitable for protective use during trauma and exercise, and should not be attached to the wound.

2. The sports tape is a one-time use product and cannot be reused; the inner packaging of the product cannot be used if it is damaged, damp or mildewed.

Sports tape transportation and storage method

1. Sports tape should be moisture-proof, fire-proof and pollution-proof during transportation, and should not be in contact with toxic and harmful items.

2. Sports tape should be stored in a dry and clean room, and keep the room ventilated and breathable.

Wikipedia's explanation of white athletic tape

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