How to use Tape Bandage wrap an ankle

Presumably every football fan is familiar with the word “foot kick”.
The so-called tape bandage is to wrap the ankle with bandages, muscle stickers, white stickers and other sports tapes to protect the joints and prevent injuries.
This article Bring you a relatively simple, easy-to-operate, and low-cost tape bandage to wrap your ankle.

tape bandage

How to wrap tape bandage

1. tape bandage grip: When using, place the bandage in the palm of your dominant hand, with the palm facing up (to facilitate uniform force when bandaging and prevent the bandage from falling off your hands).

2. Posture: The lower limbs are laid flat, and the ankles are in a dorsi-extended position (the dorsal-extended position means hooking the toes, and the ankles are relaxed or plantar flexed, which will cause the bandage to be insufficiently tight)

3: Strength: The tape bandage is at the end of the human body’s circulation, and if it is too tight, it will lead to ischemia of the foot.
tape bandage is recommended to observe whether the wrapped foot has poor circulation 5 minutes after bandaging (the skin temperature will decrease when the circulation is poor, and the skin color will become darker. Contrast can be judged by observation).

Bandaging process:

①Start slightly above the ankle bone, and wrap tape bandage in a spiral shape for about 2 turns to wrap the ankle bone (about 3/4 of each turn is overlapped).

② Start to wrap around the back of the ankle joint with a figure of 8 (the tape bandage is first wound from the back to the front of the ankle joint, through the other side to the back of the ankle joint, and then to the front of the other side of the ankle joint. continuous bandaging up and down the joint).

The number of winding turns is adjusted according to the proprioceptive sensation, and each turn is overlapped by about 3/4 of a turn.

③ The figure-8 winding ends before the ankle joint, and then the middle part of the foot is slightly close to the ankle joint to do spiral winding for about 2 turns, and each turn overlaps and wraps about 3/4 of a turn (the last spiral winding is not recommended to be too close to the toes, easy to lead to poor proprioception affecting movement).

Notes on using tape bandage

1. The number of wraps varies from person to person.
tape bandage is recommended to do the bandaging a little earlier before exercising, so as to have time to feel the effect of the bandaging and adjust it in time.

2 Avoid bandage folds when wrapping, especially when wrapping in figure 8.
tape bandage can affect wrapping and can also cause extremely poor proprioception.

Wikipedia's explanation of tape bandage

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