How do you apply kinesiology tape to taping legs?

Taping legs is so versatile, often when a professional athlete has a muscle injury, the doctor will hold the athlete’s injured or inflamed muscles and fascia together.

The function of the kinesiology tape for legs is to use the density difference of the adhesive tape to affect the direction of the skin, so that the skin becomes slightly looser, thereby increasing the gap between the skin and the muscle, and affecting the direction of the subcutaneous fascia tissue, so that the fascia system can be sufficiently transparent. Improve sex and circulation, improve lymphatic circulation and blood flow. Increased blood flow will remove waste products from inflammation and speed healing of the injured area.The kinesiology tape for legs affects pain receptors on the skin, interfering with the transmission of signals to the brain.

What I want to introduce here is a good way to stick taping legs on the legs. Usually, we should only know that the kinesiology tape for legs can protect the joints and relieve pain, but we don’t know it can also help prevent the muscles from overstretching or excessive contraction, thus potentially Minimize the chance of muscle strain. If the runner feels sore all over the body but needs more muscle support, then you can use two taping legs cut into a Y shape and wrap it in the painful area, which can also improve the runner’s muscle strength to a certain extent.

The following are the details of the paste method:

1. Prepare two taping legs suitable for the length of your calf muscles, and then cut them into a Y shape, the third type shown in the picture.

How do you apply kinesiology tape to taping legs
Taping legs
Taping legs

2: First fix a length of patch on the root of the calf, stretch the patch slightly (just feel that the patch is stretched), and follow the muscles on the front side of the leg (slightly depressed on the outside of the calf) from bottom to top It fits smoothly, both on the left and right sides, and finally a Y shape will appear.

  • In the same way, the other strip is pasted from above to form an O-shape with the one pasted just now. For detailed method, you can watch the video.

how does muscle tape for legs work when taping legs?

①The muscle tape for legs pulls up the skin and expands the subcutaneous space. Through the generation of wrinkles, a gap is created between the skin and subcutaneous tissue, so that the blood and lymphatic circulation of the corresponding tissue is smoother, the exudate from the injured part is easily absorbed, the fluid retention between the tissues is reduced, the local pressure is reduced, and the damaged tissue is easy Reconstruction, so as to relieve pain and discomfort symptoms and accelerate injury recovery.

② Taping legs supports and stabilizes muscles, ligaments, joints and other tissues. Because of its high elasticity, it does not restrict the normal activities of the limbs, so the muscle tape plays a better role in protection, support and stabilization during exercise. But objectively speaking, its fixation effect is not as good as that of traditional sports tape, but its feature of not restricting movement is unmatched by traditional tape.

③The elastic retraction effect of tape has a positive adjustment effect on muscles, fascia, ligaments and joints. Muscle tape can produce a slight stimulation effect on unbalanced muscles, fascia, ligaments, and joints, so the body itself will continue to adjust positively under external stimuli to tend to a new balance, thereby alleviating symptoms.

④ Taping legs can achieve mechanical stimulation on the surface of the skin. By stimulating the skin surface and its receptor receptors, it can excite or inhibit the central nervous system to achieve analgesic effect.

⑤ Muscle tape for legs can adjust the temperature of the pasting site. By promoting blood circulation and lymphatic reflux, muscle paste can regulate the skin temperature of the pasted part.

⑥ The change of surface pressure at the sticking site will have a benign stimulating effect on the body. When a certain part of the body is hit or pain occurs for other reasons, the most instinctive reaction is to hold (or cover, or press) the painful part with your hand to relieve the pain. The muscle tape holds the painful area like a hand, giving patients a sense of security, pain relief and comfort.

Taping legs

Can I taping legs myself?

Of course, taping legs are not only used for medical assistance on the field, but can only be used with the help of professionals, but have been more widely integrated into people’s lives. Usually, people who love sports will definitely be seen in daily life, and some people will use muscle tape, so you can stick muscle tape on yourself, but pay attention to the method of use, because this is a kind of muscle tape for legs, you must use taping legs Scientific and reasonable methods to use.

Of course, the paste method is also the most important. It is impossible not to know the method of pasting, so it is very important to master the method of pasting correctly. It is recommended that you consult your doctor for effective usage. If you want to know more quickly, you can directly visit our official website. There are many articles and videos that explain in detail the method of sticking and the effect of muscle sticking. Learned and saw a lot of useful knowledge.

how to remove muscle tape after taping legs?

The maximum time for a single sticking is generally 1-3 days, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation. It is recommended to replace it in time to obtain better results.

There are no absolute contraindications to taping legs, but it should be avoided for open wounds, areas with skin diseases, and those who are allergic to the patch.

Remove the skin patch: Slowly lift the patch along the direction of the body hair and tear off the skin from the patch.

Where can I buy kinesiology sports tape for taping legs?

This question is very good. You must have learned a little bit about skin stickers and how to use them after reading this. However, you need to do a lot of homework to choose a good quality, effective and comfortable skin sticker, just like It’s the same as shopping. When buying an item you like, you will definitely do more research and research to find out which brands are better, and then start with some details, such as use effect, style, category, price and so on.

Therefore, you want to buy a better kinesiology sports tape,This is the same logic. Here I recommend a kinesiology sports tape for you. It is produced by Wemade company. This company has more than ten years of experience in the production of skin stickers, and the factory area has reached 13,000 square meters. meters, more than 50 machines, an annual output of 50 million rolls, and more than 100 employees.

It also has a number of certifications. It is not only used for sports, but the kinesiology sports tape has also reached the medical level, and the effect is particularly good. It has been exported to many countries. It has done a good job in terms of quality assurance and on-time delivery, and has also received a lot of praise.Seeing this, you can try it out and get in touch with wemade. We support retail as well as mass purchases. Customized packaging can be realized. If you are interested, we can also provide you with sample services. You will definitely not regret it. made this choice.

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