how to tape a kinesiology tape thumb

Before explaining how to use kinesiology tape thumb, let’s first understand what the Kinesiology Tape is! Kinesiology Tape is generally referred to as muscle tape for short, and it is a kind of “elastic tape” that can assist athletes in various situations. For muscles, Kinesiology Tape can help muscle contraction, relieve pain and reduce muscle fatigue; in addition, according to different tape methods.

Kinesiology tape thumb can also promote blood and lymph circulation, achieve the function of reducing swelling and decompression, and promote tissue relaxation , to relieve pain and reduce discomfort symptoms. kinesiology tape thumb can help stabilize the joints, and maintain the range of motion of the joints while being fixed. However, although Kinesiology has so many functions, all these effects must be achieved under the correct method of application. If it is applied indiscriminately, it may cause injury.

1. First of all, we need three sections of patch at the beginning, and cut them vertically into three I-shaped patches.

2. Cut two sections of I-shaped patch in the middle of the head and tail to form an X-shaped opening of about 2 cm.

3. Fold one section of the X-shaped patch in half to find the center point, and stick the center point to the side of the finger joint.

4. After the central point is pasted, slightly elongate the X-shaped prongs of the head and tail and paste them diagonally.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the sticking method on the other side of the finger.

6. After the completion, take out the remaining I-type patch, tear off the patch from the center point and stick it on the finger joint.

Should I tape my thumb if it hurts?

People who like to play basketball in daily life should know that their fingers will swell up from time to time when they are playing with the ball. It is really a nightmare for many people. Fingers will swell up when the ball is followed by a spiking ball, etc. The pain can last for 10 days and a half month, and it may not get better after half a year in severe cases. This is the most common situation encountered by sports people.

Because of this, the use of kinesiology tape thumb can not only provide support and protection during activities, but also maintain the degree of activity in normal times. Through the characteristics of the elastic fabric and special rubber texture of the muscle tape, it can promote faster tissue recovery!

kinesiology tape thumb

How long does a sprained thumb take to heal?

How long it takes for a patient to recover from a sprained thumb mainly depends on the degree of the sprain and the extent of the sprained tissue:

The ligament and tendon of the thumb are simply stretched and injured without tearing and breaking. It usually takes two weeks to recover from this situation; if the sprain leads to a fracture of the thumb, there are only cracked fractures or fractures. The displacement of the end is not obvious. In this case, it needs to be externally fixed with plaster for four weeks, and it can gradually recover after four weeks.

Of course, it is even more undesirable to see this happen, so finger protection measures should be taken. Sticking it in advance before exercising can effectively protect your fingers from injury. In case of a sprain, you can also use kinesiology tape thumb, which can greatly improve recovery efficiency.

What does thumb taping do?

can act as an analgesic

Kinesiology tape thumb applies pressure and stretch to the affected area through muscle tape, stimulates the tactile receptors located in the epidermis, reduces the direct transmission of pain messages to the brain, and then relieves pain.

For example: You must have bumped into your finger. Subconsciously, we will use the other hand to press the injured part to reduce the pain. The pain-relieving effect of muscle tape is the principle.

cycle can be increased

When the patch is closely attached to the skin, it will produce wrinkles, increase the space between the skin and muscles, and allow more space for local tissue fluid, blood, and lymph fluid to accelerate metabolism.

Therefore, the kinesiology tape thumb can also be used in the situation of blood stasis and edema, so that the retraction characteristic of the muscle tape will guide the tissue fluid or blood stasis to flow in a predetermined.

Can assist (strengthen/relax) muscles

The principle is to use the elasticity of the kinesiology tape thumb itself to enhance the effect of muscle contraction, and then to strengthen or relax the muscles. When the rebound direction of the muscle tape is the same as the direction of muscle contraction, it will strengthen the muscles; on the contrary, when the direction of rebound is opposite to the direction of muscle contraction, it will inhibit the muscles and achieve the effect of relaxation.

At the same time, it can also control muscle tension through kinesiology tape, prevent abnormal muscle contraction, and indirectly achieve the effect of correcting posture.

Can protect joints

kinesiology tape supports and stabilizes muscles, ligaments, joints and other tissues. Because of its high elasticity, it does not restrict the normal activities of the limbs, so the tape plays a better role in protection, support and stabilization during exercise.

kinesiology tape thumb

Where can I find kinesiology tape?

When you want to choose to use the kinesiology tape product, you should pay attention to a few points. There should be many different types of kinesiology tape in the usual store, but you have never used these, so you don’t know what is good quality and good effect Therefore, when buying, you still need to know which brand of skin stickers is of good quality. You can learn about wemade.

This is a large factory that focuses on the production of skin stickers for different purposes. The factory has been established for more than ten years. In 2009, the factory area was 13,000 square meters, with more than 50 machines, an annual output of 50 million rolls, and more than 100 employees. The skin stickers of this brand are still sold in many countries, and the users are very broad, and the praise and praise received are endless. It is recommended that people who have not used wemade kinesiology tape can try it, the effect is very good.

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