What is the magical effect of red athletic tape? why athletes love it

When it comes to red athletic tape, many friends may not understand, what is this?

But you should not see this thing uncommonly.

Balotelli once took off in the European Cup, revealing the muscle stickers of three bars, and became famous since then;

Chinese tennis star Li Na has also put muscle stickers on her knees many times during competitions; and in the Olympic Games, it can be seen everywhere.

red athletic tape, also commonly known as muscle patch, is an elastic patch, mainly developed for the treatment of joint and muscle pain.

red athletic tape is mostly used on athletes, because once they have joint sprains, muscle strains, and have to exercise, they can only be taped to prevent sports injuries or avoid aggravation of existing injuries.

At the same time, it also has a certain therapeutic effect, which is a very important aspect of preventing sports injuries.

red athletic tape
What is the magical effect of red athletic tape? why athletes love it 2

The principle of using the red athletic tape

A small red athletic tape really has such a powerful function?

athletic tape has a certain elasticity, but its expansion and contraction rate is smaller than that of human muscles, and its main function is to fix and protect.

Therefore, after the athlete affixes the kinesthetic tape on the injured muscle, the skin is pulled by the muscle sticker, which increases the gap between the subcutaneous tissue and the muscle, thereby promoting the blood circulation and lymphatic return of the tissue, relieving pain, and speeding up the muscle. Injury recovery.

At the same time, athletic tape can also enhance the contractility of damaged muscles to a certain extent, eliminate local pain, reduce muscle overstretching, reduce muscle fatigue and spasm, and protect already fragile muscles.

For non-athletes,red athletic tape can also be used in case of muscle soreness, strain, etc.

However, it should be noted that the taping must be carried out along the direction of the muscles and the sports anatomical structure of a specific part, and try to let professional sports medicine and rehabilitation physicians help taping, or taping under their guidance.

At the same time, before the taping, the taping site needs to be cleaned, kept at room temperature and dry, and then the red athletic tape is directly attached to the skin.

Do not stretch the tape to the limit, and do not touch the adhesive surface of the red athletic tape.

explanation of sports tape from Wikipedia

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