How to use the tape wrist basketball

Five sticking methods of muscle stickers

1. “I” shape of tape wrist basketball

The most basic sticking method of tape wrist basketball, usually this sticking method is used to support injured muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, often used on the rotator cuff, gluteal muscles, quadriceps or Achilles tendon , and also the lower back to help you maintain proper posture.

When using, cover the adhesive surface of about 5 cm at one end on the tissue first, while peeling off the remaining backing paper, apply about 50% of the stretch to cover it on the skin, and finally the end of about 5 cm is attached to the muscle. stretch.

2. “X” shape of tape wrist basketball

If the muscle area that needs to be covered by the tape wrist basketball is large or needs to pass through multiple joints, this sticker method can be used, and it can also help relieve pain at a certain point.

On the basis of the “I” shape, cut the two ends toward the center, leaving 3-5 cm in the middle.

When using the injured area in the maximum stretch position, tear off the backing paper at the center and hold the end of the tape to stretch the center by 70-80%, covering the focus of the pain area.

Then remove the backing paper from the tail to cover the entire painful area, and the end of the tape wrist basketball is stretched with zero stretch.

tape wrist basketball
How to use the tape wrist basketball 2

3. “Y” shape of tape wrist basketball

Can be used to relieve pain and inflammation, activate damaged muscles to work more efficiently, inhibit injured or overused muscles to promote rest and recovery, and provide structural support in weaker or injured areas (such as in semi- The dislocated patella controls the position of the knee joint).

Cut the ‘X’ strip in half from the middle to make a ‘Y’ shaped muscle tape easily, or cut the ‘I’ strip alone, leaving 3-5cm uncut on the other end.

Take the backing paper from the uncropped part and place it over or under the belly of the muscle, take the backing paper from one tail and bend the cover along the edge of the muscle, and the other tail is covered along the edge of the other muscle. For pain relief, do not stretch the tape.

4. “Fan” type of tape wrist basketball

It can effectively relieve swelling and bruising, and help the lymphatic fluid to drain from the wounded area.

Make three cuts lengthwise on the “I” strip, leaving 3-5 cm of the other end uncut. You will see four separate muscle strips.

When using, raise the injured area and place it in a stretched position. Remove the backing paper from the uncut end of the tape wrist basketball and cover it above or below the swelling.

Then stretch the four tape wrist basketball slightly and cover the injured area in turn.

Covering a muscle patch of the same type, the effect of two muscle patches being crossed vertically and horizontally is better.

5. Band-Aid of tape wrist basketball

It can be used to support injured tissue or relieve muscle nodules, help muscle soreness get quick relief, and can also be used for superficial bruises.

Cut a small “I”-shaped muscle tape, slightly longer than the area to be treated, tear off the backing paper in the middle part, hold the two ends and stretch it about 75% to cover the painful area, no need to pull the two ends The stretch is directly covered on the body, and if necessary, tape wrist basketball can be covered, crossing the first muscle tape perpendicularly.

explanation of sports tape from Wikipedia

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