Top 6 best kt tape knee suppliers in USA

No.1 kt tape knee supplier is Wuxi Wemade healthcare Products Co., Ltd

Wuxi Wemade healthcare Products Co., Ltd , is a leading manufacturer and exporter which is specialized in producing different kinds of kt tape knee, sports tape and kinesiology tape for over 10 years, offering OEM ODM service to our clients. We have domestic leading production equipment and complete quality inspection department In order to ensure quality and delivery time.

Founded in 2011, based on active development, Wemade has become a key manufacturer and exporter of medical dressings in China.

Complying with FDA, CE requirements, MDS actively carried out and introduced international management standards, built up an efficient quality assurance system ISO13485,ISO9001.

Wemade has successfully entered international markets, mainly USA, Japan, Europe, Africa and Middle East and so on. Meanwhile, the domestic market is also quite fruitful.

No.2 kt tape knee supplier is KT TAPE

Based in American Fork, Utah and founded in 2008, KT Tape® has revolutionized the sports medicine industry with the introduction of the most advanced and recognized kt tape knee and recovery products.

KT Tape is recognized as a leader in sports related drug-free pain and injury treatment. The mission of the company is to develop breakthrough solutions to help enable athletes and fitness enthusiasts to perform at their best.

KT Health products are distributed worldwide to individuals, medical professionals, and teams through major retailers, specialty sports stores, medical, and team distributors worldwide.

Built for performance, the kt tape knee is KT Health’s featured product line that is quickly becoming the favorite accessory of athletes in every sport. KT Health is focused on innovation, quality, and customer service.

We look forward to working with you, our customer, to make sure that every experience with the company or its products is exceptional.

kt tape knee

No.3 kt tape knee supplier is kinesio

Kinesio Tape and the Kinesio Taping Method were the brainchild of Dr. Kase’s belief that he could create a device that could help his patients find pain relief, heal the body naturally and in turn give them a better quality of life.

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In the mid-1970s, Dr. Kenzo Kase® was already a well-known practitioner licensed in chiropractic and acupuncture in the US and Japan.

He had become familiar with a cryotherapy treatment for arthritis that utilized tape to adjust joint distortion.

In Western medicine the presumption had been that once a joint is in a certain shape that cannot be changed. He was intrigued by the possibilities that this treatment could remediate the distortion.

No.4 kt tape knee supplier is AdvaCare

AdvaCare is a different kind of pharmaceutical and kt tape knee company. We are an American managed company focusing on the developing world.

Working with the highest levels of government and local distributors alike, we aim to not only expand our business scale and scope but also have a special interest in serving the needs of the end consumer that requires our products the most.

To this end, we have a presence in 4 continents with an expanding product range to meet the demand of our main markets.

No.5 kt tape knee supplier is Atex Co. Ltd

Atex Co. Ltd is the original and the largest Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape OEM manufacturer in South Korea with over two decade of manufacturing experience.

We export premium quality Private Label (OEM) kinesiology tapes to over 30 countries worldwide and our OEM customers combined lead the majority market share of this industry.

ATEX is the largest Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape OEM manufacturer in South Korea with over 15 years of experience. We export premium quality Private-Labeled tapes to over 30 countries worldwide.

ATEX is committed to always delivering the kt tape knee. We believe that delivering quality and customer satisfaction is the sole reason we are the leading manufacture in Korea.

No.6 kt tape knee supplier is ROCKTAPE

We believe that everyone needs to keep moving.

You can’t get enough compliments, right?

We receive them daily.

People who’ve been injured. From car accidents, to horseback riding, and the gym. Olympic athletes to soccer moms.

It’s sometimes overwhelming, the stories. Debilitating discomfort*. Terrible diagnoses. “You’ll never run/bike/swim/lift again,” they’ve heard.

Hell, we’ve heard it. Everyone in our office has a story. A bad cycling fall. A blown-out back. Sprains. Bruises.

That’s why we do what we do.

We believe recovery is more than discomfort*killers or injections. We believe through movement, mobility, and stability you can heal yourself.

Our tape is the best in the world. There’s no question. Ditto for our lotions & potions, and our joint products. But it’s more than what we sell.

It’s what we live. It’s our incredible network of educators and doctors.

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