How to choose a suitable self-adhesive elastic bandage?

How do you choose the proper self-adhesive elastic bandage? This question stumps many people.

Go to Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, and other shopping platforms to search for self-adhesive elastic bandages. The results include cheap ones and expensive ones. There seems to be no difference.

However, many medical cohesive bandages are sold on the market, and their quality varies from good to bad.

Revealing how to identify fake medical self-adhesive elastic bandages

Smell it. High-quality self-adhesive elastic bandages have no odor.

When identifying the quality of medical cohesive bandages, we first must smell. The surface layer of inferior medical elastic bandages is covered with polyurethane glue. The formula contains an unpleasant-smelling raw material, which is very intense and unsuitable for pregnant women or children. Use high-quality medical elastic self-adhesive bandages that may cause skin allergies and have no odor.

Check the appearance to see if there are any obvious flaws

The second step is to check whether the cut edge of the elastic bandage is smooth, whether there are burrs, whether there are missing warps and wefts, whether the glue blocks are even, and unfold the bandage to see whether the non-woven fabric is thick. If the mesh is large, it is an inferior product—high-quality and thick non-woven fabrics. The woven fabric can help increase the pressure of the elastic bandage.

Touch and feel the comfort of the fabric

Finally, touch it with your hands. The high-quality elastic bandage is soft to the touch and non-sticky. It can effectively self-adhesive and leaves no glue when peeled off. It has high adjustable tension and good breathability.

Medical self-adhesive elastic bandage comprises high-quality non-woven fabric, spandex yarn, and adhesive.

Wemade medical self-adhesive elastic bandage is made of natural latex and composite high-quality non-woven fabric. It has a very comfortable touch and strong stretchability, is skin-friendly and breathable, without any odor, and is suitable for generally sensitive skin.

In addition to latex cohesive bandages, we also produce synthetic glue cohesive bandages, which are very stable, extremely hypoallergenic, and suitable for sensitive skin.

Cohesive Bandage
Adhesive bandage detail

Inferior elastic bandages not only fail to achieve the therapeutic effect but also cause new harm to patients:

Using an elastic bandage with poor comfort and elasticity and wrapping it for too long will directly lead to itching, allergies, redness, and skin swelling at the bandage.

Medical self-adhesive elastic bandages with poor elasticity cannot achieve the desired compression effect after wrapping, and the bandaging is not tight, resulting in subcutaneous fluid accumulation or hematoma.

Elastic bandages with poor viscosity will fall off and become loose when wrapped. If the viscosity is too strong, it will tear the skin and hair excessively, causing pain to the patient.

Bandages made with low-quality glue will leave glue on the skin when torn off, making it difficult to remove, causing skin itching and allergies.

where to Buy High-Quality Bandages

So, how do you choose different body parts?

It is generally recommended to use an elastic bandage with a width of 10cm for the calf.

It is generally recommended to use an elastic bandage with a width of 15cm for the thigh.

An elastic bandage with a width of 5cm for the wrist is generally recommended.

It is generally recommended to use an elastic bandage with a width of 7.5cm for the ankle.

Using an elastic bandage with a width of 2.5cm for fingers is generally recommended.

The above sizes are for reference only. It is recommended that you choose according to the actual situation. After all, each body shape is different.

self-adhesive elastic bandage

How self-adhesive elastic bandages turned into life hacks

In addition to being a ubiquitous dressing and fixation item in the medical field, self-adhesive elastic bandages have many fabulous uses in our daily lives.

Make dog outing shoes and wrap them around the dog’s feet. When you go out on a rainy day, you don’t have to wipe the dog’s feet when you get home.

Organize all kinds of messy wires and wrap table and chair legs to prevent the table and chairs from making harsh sounds when moving.

People who love doing crafts can wrap a self-adhesive elastic bandage around their fingers to prevent blisters and calluses caused by finger wear.

Wraps the wrists and ankles to provide support during movement.

Adhesive bandage application

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