The main function of the ace sports tape

9 Benefits of ace sports tape

1. Pain relief

2. Improve circulation

3. Reduce edema

4. Promotes healing

5. Support Soft Tissue

6. Relax Soft Tissues

7. Training Soft Tissues

8. Correct Posture

9. Improve incorrect movement patterns

ace sports tape

Due to the changes in the living environment, modern people are under great pressure, so the number of cancer cases is increasing year by year.

When medical personnel face cancer, they will always try their best to treat patients.

What is the best The most advanced drugs or technologies will be given priority, because cancer is indeed a very difficult problem in modern society, and surgical resection is usually one of the options.

The resistance is generally weak and the healing ability is poor. If it is not taken care of, it will easily lead to other complications.

A group of Italian physicians used the intramuscular taping technique for postoperative healing after lung cancer resection.

The patient’s recovery and chest pain were much better than those who did not use the ace sports tape.

The most significant effect of intramuscular taping in general life is to eliminate swelling.

Whether it is bruise caused by contusion (Bruise) or edema (Edema) caused by various reasons, the use of ace sports tape is all It has a very good effect.

We can see from the picture that the hamstring muscle after muscle strain is covered with a whole piece of bruise (Bruise). The blood has dissipated a lot.

Whether it is appearance or the injured person’s own feeling, it is found that the effect of the ace sports tape is very large.

explanation of sports tape from Wikipedia

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