What is ace sports tape and how it works

What is a muscle patch

ace sports tape can be seen in major sports events, such as the Asian Games, Olympic Games and other sports fields, or in the rehabilitation department of the hospital.

In fact, it is an ace sports tape The cloth is composed of only one layer of cotton fabric plus special viscose and backing paper.

The main effect is to assist muscle contraction, inhibit muscle contraction, relieve pain and increase metabolism.

ace sports tape
What is ace sports tape and how it works 2

The effect of ace sports tape

Many people see colorful stickers on their bodies and think they are just for decoration, but in fact, after Nitto Company in Japan developed the world’s first volume of ace sports tape in 1985 and put them on the market, it has been used in academics.
There has been a wave of waves in the world, and there have been continuous relevant studies confirming the effect of its stickers.

For example: 1. A study on patients with degenerative knee arthritis, which is the most common in the hospital, has confirmed that applying a ace sports tape can indeed improve the muscle strength and mobility of the knee joint, and can significantly improve the pain.

Not only for knee problems, but also for the treatment of lower back pain in pregnant women, the intramuscular patch has a significant effect, because in general, pregnant women will have considerable restrictions on the use of medicines, and even nutritional supplements are somewhat controversial.

Considering the need to take X-rays and worrying about the safety of the fetus, if you want to use traditional techniques or acupuncture to treat lower back pain in pregnant women, there are quite a few points that need to be paid attention to.

At this time, there is no drug effect, and the use of hypoallergenic intramuscular patch is basically The “tic tac toe” sticking method is a very good choice.
Wide application of muscle stickers

It is widely used in sports and is mostly used on athletes, because once they have joint sprains or muscle strains, they have to exercise and can only be taped.

This patch can also be used for non-athletes who experience muscle soreness, strain, etc.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 50,000 rolls of tape were donated to teams from 58 countries. ace sports tape began to appear on some well-known athletes, such as Selena Williams and Beckham.

In the 2012 London Olympics, the kinesiological tape was widely used.

The German beach volleyball player Ilka Semler, the Greek judo player Iliadis, and the Chinese diver He Zi all used this kind of ace sports tape.

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