Is there an alternative to white wrist tape?

Wraps and braces can be used instead or in conjunction with tape to stabilize the affected area. Braces may alter muscle activity while tape may not.

white wrist tape type

Standard white wrist tape are classified by the following characteristics:

The number of vertical (longitude) and horizontal (latitude) threads per square inch. These threads vary from 120 to 150 per square inch.

Higher thread count is synonymous with higher quality, including higher tensile strength, better adhesive, easier removal, longer lasting and more expensive.

tensile strength

Composition: bleached and unbleached cotton; cotton and synthetic fibers and a blend of the two.

Rigid Tape: Provides firm support, immobilizes and reduces joint movement with strong and sticky materials such as Strappal or Endura Fix etc.

Under Tape: Has different white wrist tapes of fabrics that allow more movement and air, such as Hyperfix or Endura Fix etc.

white wrist tape

Elastic Tape: wrist tape, when applied, allows your skin to breathe and transmit moisture through the white wrist tape of material used, examples include Tensoplast and Elastikon among others.

Felt Tape: This wrist tape of tape does not have any glue in the material and is used to protect the skin Example: Mueller

Bandages: There is no glue in the material to allow them to stick to each other. Example: Cobain

Kinesio: Adapts to the skin and slides as you move, often used by athletes.

explanation of sports tape from Wikipedia

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