How To Use Boob Tape?

Boob tape works better than kinesiology tape. Because it does not require professional pasting methods and stretching strength. As long as you master the shape of your breasts you want, you can achieve the desired effect.

First, determine the shape of the breasts you want to shape or according to the clothing style.

Next, refer to the method of boob tape application, and measure the size of the breast.

Then, cut the tape and apply it on the breast according to the selected shape.

In the end, as long as there is no discomfort, don’t care about the way it is pasted.

Kinesiology Tape Breast Lift

It is a new type of underwear. Because of the special fabric, elasticity and skin-friendly glue of kinesiology tape, breast lift tape was derived. It’s a fabric adhesive that you can use to lift your breasts without a bra. Because the soft fabric can shape any breast shape. Helps small breasts stand out and lifts large breasts.

Can kinesiology tape be used for breast lift?

Yes, usually there is no problem. Because they are the same thing, Their production process is the same, and the fabric composition, size, and stretch are also the same.

What’s the difference between kinesiology tape vs boob tape?

It is generally accepted that kinesiology tape is just boob tape. But it is worth noting that their glue may be different. Because breasts are relatively fragile skin, more expensive hypoallergenic glue is generally used. Therefore we recommend that you purchase boob tape directly rather than buy kinesiology tape as a direct replacement for boob tape.

In addition, the color of the kinesiology tape is colorful, in line with the style of sports. The breast tape is more skin-colored, fits the color of the human body, and is more comfortable and invisible to wear. 

Is it safe to tape your breasts?

It depends on whether it is a sensitive skin tone and the method used. Before using boob tape, you can test the glue on other parts of your body for allergies. If you are allergic, please stop using it immediately. Nipple covers can also be used to protect the nipples before use. When using, do not touch the glue surface with your hands, do not stretch it excessively, and it will not fall off after repeated friction. Gently remove the tape, you can also soak it in water or oil.

What are the benefits of breast lift tape?

Breast tape is light and thin. Wearing feels free and unrestricted. Especially suitable for big breasts to avoid skin eczema. Help small chests solve the trouble of shoulder straps slipping off. Help Everyone Get the Breast Shape They Want. Its biggest advantage is that it is invisible, and the color is similar to the skin, suitable for swimsuits, wedding dresses, evening dresses, off-the-shoulder clothes, etc.

Can i sleep with breast lift tape?

Although breast tape is thinner and lighter than traditional underwear. It is still necessary to remove the tape when sleeping to avoid pulling the breasts and causing strain. We recommend removing the tape and throwing it away when you don’t need it. Because prolonged contact with glue may also cause discomfort. Finally, it is recommended not to use it for more than 12 hours, and the effect of use varies from person to person.

Where can i find breast lift tape?

Breasts are the delicate parts of the body. When you want to try breast tape, don’t choose too cheap tape, avoid substandard stretch force and unstable glue. Be sure to choose a professional brand owner or a powerful manufacturer. Professional brand owners must have strict quality inspections. In addition, powerful suppliers have more product experience and are good at cost control, especially suitable for buyers.

The daily output of Wemade breast tape is 50,000 rolls, which are exported to more than 100 countries. We understand the breast tape market, customize various underwear accessories sets for you, and create your own brand for you.

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