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Ergonomic finger tape for football

finger tape for football or K Tape is used by athletes and physical therapists to treat sprains, strains and other muscle and joint disorders in a variety of different sports.

finger tape for football benefits joints by lifting the skin and creating space between the dermis and underlying tissue to relieve pain associated with swelling.

This increased space also means the lymphatic system can drain more easily, flushing out waste and toxins to speed recovery.

Wemade tape is a popular choice of finger tape for football to help athletes stay active after injury.

kinesiology tape for hands
dark blue kinesiology tape Finger tape

The highly finger tape for football can be worn for up to a week after application, supporting active recovery without compromising the wearer’s range of motion.


Provides support for injured muscles and joints by relieving swelling

Helps suppress pain during activity and recovery

Helps recovery by increasing blood flow and lymphatic movement

Provides lightweight support that encourages natural movement of the body and helps remind the wearer to consider healing areas when exercising.

Acts as a protective barrier and “second skin” if needed

Pain relief by targeting the affected area with sensory bombardment (meaning the body is distracted by another sensation)


finger tape for football is water resistant, which means it’s more hygienic and lasts longer

Light support does not restrict movement and provides constant body contact to promote good posture and correct technique

Can be cut to size for targeted support

Can be left on the skin for up to 7 days

Available in three different colors: blue, red and flesh

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