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Benefits of kinesiology tape for trapezius|medical taping

Kinesiology tape for trapezius is a great way to help with muscle pain and strengthen your upper back. There are a lot of benefits from using this kind of tape, but it can be hard to find the time to actually use them and get the full benefits. That’s why I have put together this list of exercises that will help you stay strong in your upper back while using kinesiology tape for trapezius.

What is the trapezius?

The trapezius is a muscle that originates on the upper back and extends down the spine. It acts as a connector between the shoulder blade and the upper arm bone and helps to lift the arm and shoulder, as well as rotate the torso. Kinesiology tapes can help to increase strength and flexibility in the trapezius, which can lead to better posture and increased range of motion.

Some common exercises to target the trapezius include shrugs, military presses, and lateral raises. Shrugs work both origin and insertion muscles, while military presses target only origin muscles. Lateral raises work both muscles to some degree, but focus more on insertion.

Benefits of Kinesiology Tape for Trapezius

Kinesiology tape is a type of adhesive bandage that is often used to treat musculoskeletal injuries. The tape is made up of a thin layer of elastic fabric stretched over a wide area. It is often used to help restore muscle flexibility and improve movement.

There are many benefits of using kinesiology tape for trapezius:

  1. Kinesiology tape can help reduce pain and inflammation in the trapezius muscles.
  2. It can help increase range of motion in the shoulder joint and upper spine.
  3. It can improve muscle strength and endurance.
  4. It can help improve posture and alignment.

Best Exercises Using a Kinesiology Tape for Trapezius

Kinesiology tape for trapezius are a great way to increase the effectiveness of your exercises for the trapezius muscle. By using a kinesiology tape, you can help to stabilize and support the muscle while you are working out. This will allow you to achieve better results in terms of strength and size.

There are many different types of kinesiology tapes available, so it is important to choose the one that is specifically designed for your needs. Some of the best exercises to use a kinesiology tape for the trapezius include:

-The shoulder press: This is an ideal exercise for using a kinesiology tape for the trapezius because it involves mobilizing large muscles in the upper body. The shoulder press also works the arm muscles, which is why it is a good overall workout for this area.

-The bench press: The bench press also helps to work the muscles in your back and shoulders, including the trapezius muscle. By using a kinesology tape during this exercise, you can help to stabilize your shoulder joint and prevent injuries from happening.

-Abdominal workouts: Many people believe that abdominal workouts are best performed without any type of equipment. However, if you are looking to add some additional intensity to your routine, then using a kinesiology tape may be a good option. Tapes can help to keep your abs engaged while you work them and provide maximum results.

How to Apply a Kinesiology Tape for Trapezius?

Kinesiology tape is often used as a form of self-treatment for various muscle strains and injuries. The tape is attached to the skin on either side of the trapezius muscle, and provides gentle pressure in order to help relieve pain and tension. This is probably one of the most commonly used sports injuries self-treatments, as it can be applied by anyone without any special medical training or equipment.

The trapezius muscle stretches from your neck down your back to your hips. It helps you lift your head, shrug your shoulders, and rotate your torso. Kinesiology tape can provide relief from neck pain, headaches, TMJ (TMJ syndrome), carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, biceps tendonitis, and other muscle strains in this area.

There are a few things to keep in mind when applying kinesiology tape for trapezius:

1) Make sure the skin is clean and free of oils or creams – the adhesive will not work properly if there are contaminants on the skin.

2) Apply a thin layer of tape – too much will create more tension than necessary and increase the likelihood of discomfort or soreness.

3) Be patient – it may take several sessions for results to be seen.

4) If symptoms persist after trying the tape treatment on its own, see a doctor for further evaluation and treatment recommendations.


If you’re looking for a way to help improve your posture, try using kinesiology tape for trapezius. Kinesiology tape is made of an elastic material that helps to support and correct muscle imbalances in the trapezius area. By correcting these imbalances, kinesiology tape can help to reduce tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, which can lead to better posture and less tension headaches.


What causes inflamed trapezius muscle?

Overuse: Repetitive activities, such as lifting heavy objects or swimming can lead to trapezius pain. People who perform monotonous work with the neck and shoulder muscles are at a high risk of trapezius pain.

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