Why do soccer players wear athletic sports tape on their wrists?

One of the main reasons soccer players wear athletic sports tape is to protect their wrists from injury. Soccer is a high-contact sport. Although the main actions of football players are running and passing, if they run too fast, they run the risk of colliding with surrounding players and causing falls and wrist injuries. Athletic tape for soccer can help prevent these injuries by providing support and stability to the wrist joint.

athletic sports tape

Benefits of using soccer player wrist tape

Support and stability

Athletic sports tape reduces the possibility of sprains or strains during soccer by restricting movement or immobilizing the wrist, providing extra support to the wrist joint, which is very helpful for athletes with wrist injuries or those who are exposed to frequent physical collisions.

wrist tape

Reduce pressure

Athletic tape for soccer helps reduce tissue stress and swelling and promotes faster recovery from injuries by conforming to the skin and creating a feeling of pressure.

Psychological advantage

Additionally, for some athletes, the act of gently wrapping their wrists with athletic sports tape can produce positive psychological advantages, instilling a sense of security and confidence during competitive play.

soccer player wrist tapes

What is athletic sports tape?

Athletic sports tape is made of pure cotton fabric and zinc oxide glue. It is latex-free and non-elastic, has strong adhesion, and is breathable. Soccer player wrist tape can be used for a long time and will not fall off easily. It is very suitable for joint support, reducing tissue pressure and helping you recover from pain faster.

Unlike ordinary rigid splints, soccer player wrist tapes are designed specifically for soccer players to provide adjustable support with easy-tear serrated edges, allowing users to freely adjust the tightness and position to suit their specific needs and preferences.

Do goalkeepers tape their wrists?

Goalkeepers often use athletic sports tape to protect their wrists, even while wearing gloves, and in the event of a fall, your instinctive reaction is to use your hands to brace yourself. This type of athletic sports tape plays a vital role in providing strong support to joints, preventing them from bending unnaturally and sustaining injuries during the intense sport of soccer, especially if there is sudden contact with the ball, another player, or the ground.

Do goalkeepers use athletic sports tape on their fingers?

Yes, goalkeepers not only need to protect their wrists but also put some athletic sports tape on their fingers before putting on gloves.

Sports tape for fingers serves the same purpose for goalkeepers as other players, but it’s also important to protect the fingers, given the way and intensity with which goalkeepers dive to the ground. Using the correct method of wrapping your fingers will provide the best stability and contact for high-impact catches—better use of hand strength to prevent opposing players from scoring goals.

Athletic tape for soccer

Precautions for athletic sports tape

Because athletic sports tape is a super sticky tape used directly on the skin and may cause skin damage when removed, it is recommended to use it with a soccer pre-wrap tape.

Soccer pre-wrap tape

Soccer pre-wrap tape is a foam-based wrap that can be pre-wrapped before applying athletic tape. It is highly elastic, lightweight, and breathable. Soccer pre-wrap tape contains no glue itself and adheres well to the skin through its self-adhesive properties. Because the athletic sports tape is so sticky, it creates a barrier between your skin and the athletic tape, protecting your skin from irritation.

How do goalies not break their hands?

While there’s no clear way to completely prevent hand injuries in soccer, there are some things you can do to minimize your risk: Build finger strength through consistent throwing and catching drills and fitness. Regardless of the reason, a soccer player may need to continue playing despite an injury. To help lessen the injury and prevent further injury, tape athletic sports tape to your fingers and wrists before each game to provide extra support.

athletic sports tape


Wristbands are increasingly seen on soccer fields and are also found in baseball, basketball, and other sports. In the next few years, athletic sports tape will continue to become a part of athletes’ lives and games. If you want to learn more about soccer player wrist tapes or find them, you can contact WEMADE, a factory specializing in sports tapes. It is worth trying, given the many years of production experience and affordable prices.

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