How does a tape bandage protect you during exercise?

tape bandage are specially designed for sports. They are mainly divided into cotton and non-woven materials, with elasticity.

The parts of the human body that are more likely to be injured during exercise are mainly joints, such as wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles, waist, back, neck and so on.

Special protection for these parts can play a certain protective role.

Generally speaking, the materials of protective gear are mainly nylon, rubber, polyester fiber, etc.

Although they are different, they have similar characteristics, such as toughness, comfortable touch, stretch resistance, and good ventilation. , fix joint parts, improve the stability of joints and muscles.

In general, tape bandage can make the range of acceptance of the joints at an appropriate level to protect the joints and muscles of people who like sports from being injured by strenuous exercise or pulling a large amount of rope during exercise.

What are the uses of kinesio tapes?

Kinesiology patch is also a patch that acts on joints and muscles. It does not have medicinal functions, but it is widely used for sports health care and protection functions, and most of the main users are athletes.

tape bandage can mainly produce pressure stimulation.

Through its own elasticity and adhesion, it can pull or compress the skin, thereby producing the effects of fixing, supporting, promoting and relaxing.

In general, whether it is an intramuscular patch, elastic bandage or tape bandage, it can have a certain protective effect on joints and muscles.

These products are mainly suitable for athletes or people who love sports.

tape bandage

Precautions for tape bandage

1. Before dressing

Consult a doctor after injury, avoid swollen areas, and clean tape bandage(sweat, booty, body hair).

2. Bandaging

Do not interfere with the skills of nerves and blood vessels, maintain a certain range of motion of the joints, and do not appear wrinkles, bubbles, and gaps.

3. After bandaging

Remove immediately if symptoms such as changes in skin color, allergies, etc. occur, and immediately after exercise.

Wikipedia's explanation of tape bandage

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