How to use mueller athletic tape for added sports protection

Talk about mueller athletic tape

Before introducing the protective gear, the first thing I would strongly recommend to everyone is the “mueller athletic tape“.

It is not the gauze mueller athletic tape in the hospital, but a bandage specially designed for sports.

It is divided into cotton and non-woven materials, with elasticity, special woven texture, and a small amount of polymer glue to make it self-adhesive, and It is non-sticky to the skin and hair, and the bandages are sticky at any position.

When using, it is directly wrapped around the skin of the joints that need to be reinforced, and then put on the shoes and socks, which adds another layer of protection.

Sports bandages are economical and environmentally friendly

Economical and environmental protection is also an advantage of mueller athletic tape. A roll of 4.5 meters long (very durable) is only a few dollars.

The price may be slightly more expensive depending on the width.

Choose the appropriate width for different parts of the body, generally 2.5cm to 10cm in width.

But there are wider options to choose from; according to your personal usage and usage, you can buy a few more rolls for emergencies, and in order to take care of the preferences of different groups of people, more rolls have been launched now.

Colors and more styles for you to choose from.

Protective gear functions and features

The most vulnerable parts of the human body are the joints, such as wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles, waist, back, neck, etc.

mueller athletic tape is also specially designed according to different body parts. Choose the protective gear that suits your injury.

The mueller athletic tape is mostly made of chemical synthetic products of different materials such as nylon, rubber, polyester fiber, etc.

It has the advantages of anti-stretching, toughness, comfortable touch, good ventilation, etc.

Apply pressure and fixation, improve the stability of joints and muscles, keep them within a suitable force range, and protect joints and muscles from being damaged by strenuous movements or large-scale stretching during exercise.

mueller athletic tape

A good protective gear must have the following characteristics:

Warmth and Breathability

These two seemingly conflicting characteristics reveal the importance of dialectics. You have me, and I have you.

Keeping warm is to prevent the body’s heat from being easily lost in a non-exercise state, so that the parts that need to be protected are less likely to be injured and can recover better.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the breathability, because sports must sweat, and good breathability can allow sweat to be quickly discharged, so that the wrapped part can be dry and comfortable.

A good protective gear is like the second skin of the human body.

It not only has a good perspiration effect, but also can keep the water on the body surface from excessive evaporation and loss, preventing the body from dehydration or even dehydration, and the thermal insulation effect is also first-class. It can make you have a very good state in sports and can be more comfortable in recovery.

Compressibility and Support

A good mueller athletic tape has a very professional design, which fits the curved arc design of the protective part, three-dimensional tailoring, and cooperates with the scalability and Velcro adjustment of the protective gear, which can improve the strength and stability of the wrapped muscles without losing the protection. , and also ensure that the wearing part has very good flexibility.

In some mueller athletic tape that need special protection, flexible metal springs are added to strengthen the support, which can help the protected parts maintain the stability of the joints and the shock absorption function during frequent movements.

Reduces the possibility of injury from undue stress or excessive fatigue.

The overall comfortable covering and good support performance provide better protection for the once injured parts, and effectively avoid the occurrence of second-degree injuries.

Protective and Restorative

This is also the most important purpose of the mueller athletic tape.

The pressure change of the mueller athletic tape on the pressing muscles can reduce pain, promote metabolism, enhance motor function, and enhance the stability of joints.

It has a good correction effect on the injured part and prevents re-injury.

The soft fabric adopts a unique weaving method, has unique extensibility and excellent breathability, can generate pressure with medical effects, is comfortable to wear, accelerates swelling and congestion absorption, improves motor function, and can quickly discharge moisture, which is It is very important for recovery.

Wikipedia's explanation of tape bandage

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