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What Is The boobie tape?

Boob lift tape is a waterproof, breathable, eco-friendly, skin-friendly, sticky, high elastic tape. Adhesive breast tape is perfect for A-DD cups, great for breast support, lift and shaping, and you can customise it to fit your desired breast shape. It is a practical invisible bra for wedding dresses, swimwear, halter, deep V, strapless and other clothes. To remove adhesive breast tape, you can wet it with water or apply oil to remove it gently.

95% Cotton and 5% Spandex
Most comfortable and breathable material. Soft and breathable, friendly to skin.
Grid Backing Paper
Each grid is 5cmx5cm, convenient for marking size and easy to cut.
Water Ripple Glue
Hypoallergenic acrylic or Henkel glue, medium adhesion, suitable for everyone.
170%-180% Stretching
It can reach 170%-180%, which is enough to support breasts of all cups.

Strong Hold & Adhesion
Boob lift tape can provide firm and continuous support, don’t worry about loosening due to exercise and dancing.
Breathable & Sweat Proof
Breathable glue, long-lasting stickiness, not afraid of sweat and water. Suitable for surfing, swimming and other water games.
Discreet & Natural Looking Hold
Boob lift tape is perfect for large breasts, providing a natural yet sexy look. It can be worn with clothes or directly outside.

12 Ways Boobie Tape was Used in the past

Boobie Tape has been used in a variety of ways over the years. Here are 12 examples:

1.To keep breasts from spilling out of a swimsuit

2.To hold breasts in place during surgery

3.To bind breasts after mastectomies

4.Supports large cup breasts

5.To reduce pain from mastectomies or breast cancer treatment

6.To support new breasts after surgery

7.To make bras fit better

8.Lift and sculpt

9.To treat periareolar stretch marks

10.Suitable for wedding dresses, swimsuits, backless, deep V, strapless and other clothes

How to remove Boobie tape?

Easy removal – A hot water bath helps peel off the tape.

Other method – Soak the tape in body oil.

Removal – Slowly pull off the tape.

How and Why Boobie Tape Was Used

Boobie tape has been used for a variety of purposes throughout the years. Here are a few examples:

Boobie tape was first used in the 1940s as a way to keep wounds closed. At that time, it was mainly used by doctors to close up stitches.

In the 1990s, Boobie tape became popular among teenagers as a way to keep their hair in place.

They would use it to keep their hair away from their face, or to hold back their bangs.

Boobie tape has also been used in the past as a means of cheating on tests. In high school, students would use it to cheat on tests by hiding notes under their breasts.

Today, Boobie tape is still used for a variety of purposes, but most notably as a way to keep wounds closed and to hold back hair.

It is also sometimes used as a means of cheating on tests.


There’s no need to be embarrassed or ashamed of your breasts – they are a natural and beautiful part of you!

However, there are certain times and places where it may not be appropriate to expose them.

If you’re considering boobie tape as a way to cover up your nipples during a work meeting, for example, think again – that might not go over well.

And if someone sees the tape and asks what it is, don’t try to lie or deny anything – just say that you used it as protection from the sun.

In most cases, telling the truth will be better than risking embarrassment or potential humiliation.

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