4 things you must know about green athletic tape

green athletic tape is also called kinesio tape. Its inventor is Japanese Kenzo Kase, D.C. He invented kinesio tape in the 1970s.

The purpose of inventing this product at that time was to try to continue and maintain its Manipulative therapy effect.

Now through the improvement of technology, the new generation of green athletic tape has many advantages such as breathability, waterproof, hypoallergenic, no need to be removed after exercise, and can be used at any time in daily life.

Composition of the green athletic tape

The new green athletic tape is divided into three layers, the first layer is cotton fabric layer (skin-like, elastic, breathable), the second layer is acrylic adhesive layer (water ripple, hypoallergenic), and the third layer is protective glue The backing paper layer (dimensions).

And it has a strong ability to stretch, it can shorten 5-10%, it can stretch 130-150%.

What are the functions of different shapes of green athletic tape?

green athletic tape also have various mechanical applications on the human body, such as:

Elastic force refers to the centripetal retraction force after being stretched;

Tension refers to the ductility when external force acts, namely centrifugal force;

Stress refers to the opposing force generated when the soft tissue is subjected to the external force of the patch, namely the vertical force;

Shear force refers to the lateral force per unit area of the green athletic tape, which causes the skin to wrinkle;

Adhesion refers to the force with which the adhesive of the patch adheres to the skin.

It is also posted in various shapes, such as I-shaped, Y-shaped, X-shaped, fan-shaped, O-shaped, and lantern-shaped.

green athletic tape
4 things you must know about green athletic tape 2

So what are the functions of these various green athletic tape?

The I-shape supports and relaxes muscles, has pain point elevation and analgesia, and maximizes protection and fixation, such as soft tissue injuries.

The Y shape adjusts muscle tension, promotes circulation and metabolism, and is suitable for relaxing tight and swollen muscles.

The X-shape promotes blood circulation and metabolism at the fixed end (anchor point), improves the pain area and relieves pain.

Fan-shaped pool acupoint effect, drains interstitial fluid into the nearest large lymph node group, reducing swelling.

shaped or lantern-shaped to green athletic tape, green athletic tape, promote circulation and metabolism in the middle, reduce swelling, and apply to soft tissue hematoma.

What are the different pulling forces of the kinesio tape?

It also has different pulling force. In the natural pulling force, the lymphatic patch has a pulling force of 0-10%, and the muscle relaxation patch has a pulling force of 7-10%.

In moderate tension, 10-20% tension for fascial correction and 20-30% tension for soft tissue support. Joint correction in extreme tension has >30% tension.

What is the effect of different pulling forces?

Natural pull:

1. Has the effect of promoting lymphatic circulation and drainage;

2. Depending on the direction of the taping, it can relax or promote the green athletic tape;

3. Guide the fascia flow and correct posture.

Moderate pull:

1. It has better effect on changing the relative position of fascia distribution or fixing local soft tissue;

2. Support and protect soft tissue, especially tendon or ligament tissue with reduced extensibility and contractility;

3. Provide vertical stress to the scar structure to avoid excessive scar proliferation.

Great pulling force:

1. The mechanical force provided by the sticker is greater than its own elastic force, which is close to the fixing effect of the traditional white sticker;

2. Used to fix, correct the position of joints or limit the range of motion of joints.

In our actual operation, we should also pay attention to the following points when using the green athletic tape, that is, the greater the tension, the greater the tension, the corresponding increase in stress (skin pulling feeling), and the decrease in shear force (less wrinkles), Decreased skin tolerance is prone to allergies. Less tension, less tension, less stress, and more shear (more wrinkles).

Having said so much, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. You can try to stick it.

Whether you are a postoperative patient or a group of people who are going to exercise on the sports field, you can stick the green athletic tape according to your own needs.

explanation of sports tape from Wikipedia

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