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Bowling tape is a kind of muscle tape that is attached to the finger or in the hole when playing bowling. It can be roughly divided into two types, one is bowling finger tape, and the other is bowling tape for thumb hole.

Bowling finger tape is essentially the same as bowling tape for thumb hole, both for extra grip and finger protection. The difference is that bowling finger tape is used on fingers. It is a very thin fabric tape with a layer of cotton or rayon on the surface and a corrugated glue on the inside, usually German Henkel glue and Japanese glue. Hypoallergenic glue such as acrylic glue is a kind of kinesiology tape, but it is pre-cut and cut into the same size and shape, and it does not need to be cut when used.

Bowling tape for thumb hole is used in bowling ball holes, usually thumb holes. Due to various reasons, the size of the hole and the size of the thumb sometimes do not fit perfectly, which requires the use of bowling tape for thumb hole. It helps you fine-tune the size of the hole to fit your thumb more perfectly.

At some competitive or professional level bowling comparisons, you’ll often see people using tape to adjust the size of the hole, the fit of the thumb hole for a reliable, consistent release.

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ruban de quilles
bowling thumb tape
turbo bowling tape

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How to Apply Bowling Tape?

Most bowlers have preferences about which tape to use, where to put it, how much to use (if using a roll of tape), how many pieces of tape to use, etc. I’ll give you a detailed description of the different tapes so you can start finding your favorites.Some like to apply it to the thumb alone, some like to have all fingers taped, it’s up to you.

bowling tape for thumb hole

How To Apply Bowling Tape For Thumb Hole?

The first step is to decide where you want to put the tape in the hole. If the fit is tight but not tight enough, and there is no tape in the hole yet, start with the part of the hole that touches the side of the thumb closest to the index finger. If the hole still needs more tape, go by feel and apply the tape to the hole that feels “loosest”.

Once you know where to put the tape, you can use some sort of pointed tool. Tools such as small screwdrivers, scissors, crochet hooks, or tweezers.

Prepare the tape by bending it slightly so that the convex side has adhesive.

Glue the round end of the tape to the end of the tool.

Carefully slide the strip into the hole and lower it so that the rounded end of the tape is just below the edge of the hole. If you put the tape too far from the edge of the hole, it won’t do anything.

When you smooth the tape, carefully remove the tool, leaving the tape behind.

The process is the same for any type of in-hole tape, smooth, textured, thin or thick.

tape bowling fingers

How To Apply bowling finger tape?

Pre-cut tape
Pre-cut tape, such as Wemade patch tape, has the advantage that it has been cut for you to a fixed size and a very rounded angle, and should be placed on the back of the thumb.Line up the rounded end of the tape with the outline of your finger as best you can.

Starting with the thumb, apply the tape as smoothly as possible, trying to avoid any air bubbles, wrinkles, or any other deformities. If the tape is wrinkled or improperly applied, it may start to peel or fall off.Some people like to wrap it around the finger directly, just like method 2 in the picture above.

Un-cut tape
Cut a length of tape from the roll approximately the length from the tip of the thumb to the base of the thumb. Probably around 2 inches.Cut one end into a rounded corner, as close to finger size as possible.

Just like pre-cut tape, start with your fingertips and keep the tape as smooth as possible. Use your thumb to line it up and avoid wrinkling/deformation to prolong the life of that tape. Having said that, some bowlers change the thumb tape multiple times while bowling.

Finger tape and bowling hole tape

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bowling tape for thumb hole
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bowling ball thumb hole tape
bowling finger grip tape
pre-cut bowling ball thumb tape
Kinesiology Tape for boeling
no-cut bowling ball thumb tape


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