Как работает синяя спортивная лента?

During the European Cup between Germany and Italy, Ba Shen, who scored a goal, took off his clothes to celebrate, revealing three dazzling синяя спортивная лента behind his back.

Someone asked, is this a “seal”? In fact, this is a blue athletic tape used for sports taping.

It is like another muscle outside the skin, pulling the skin, increasing the gap between the subcutaneous tissue and the muscle, helping the muscle to contract and reducing the muscle during exercise.

It can reduce swelling, relieve pain, and promote lymphatic return and blood circulation.

On the sports field, blue athletic tape help athletes perform at normal levels, so is it suitable for ordinary people to use in daily activities or general sports?

blue athletic tape is a tongue-in-cheek name, invented and named by the Japanese Kenzo Kase.

Simply put, it is to stick the tape directly on the muscles that are injured or need to be protected along the direction of the muscles. on the skin.

According to his theory, the blue athletic tape can promote the natural recovery function of the body, support and stabilize the muscles and joints, without hindering the normal movement of the body.

синяя спортивная лента
How do blue athletic tape work? 2

The principle of blue athletic tape

Dr. Wang Liming, a lecturer in the Department of Sports Rehabilitation of Beijing Sports University, said that the principle of the intramuscular patch is mainly to lift the skin, promote subcutaneous lymphatic return and blood circulation, thereby reducing swelling, and reducing nerve ending stimulation and pain relief. effect.

In the propaganda of some manufacturers on the intramuscular effect blue athletic tape, it is emphasized that its effect on muscles, such as strengthening muscle strength or relaxing muscles, including injury prevention and rehabilitation, but Wang Liming said that these effects are not certain. Research is controversial.

“Although the use rate of blue athletic tape is very high, the effect on muscles is not certain, at least there is no scientific research support.

It has a certain role in relaxation, swelling and pain relief after exercise, but it can prevent strains and strengthen muscle strength. , the role of rehabilitation injury, there is research controversy, may have a psychological comfort effect.”

According to Wang Liming, this kind of patch, which is controversial in medical research, although many athletes use it, is not the mainstream of rehabilitation medicine or sports medicine.

The mainstream of blue athletic tape is still elastic white tape, and the use of tape recommended by the International Sports Injury Prevention Association is also elastic blue athletic tape.

In other words, its principle is not to give the body any foreign substances to repair the injured tissue, but to provide a better environment for the body to repair itself.

объяснение спортивной ленты из Википедии


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